Hay fever Tonic

A Helpful Hay fever Tonic
This hay fever tonic works wonders every season I have used it nearly 40 years with great success as well as many others.

Survival Properties:This healthy tonic has many uses and is good as a medicinal tonic for overall health. ( high low blood pressure, dry brittle nails, asthma, asthmatic hay fever, ph balance). This is a great pick me up tonic on those hot and humid days. On those Cold days and drunk as a hot tea will help with a sinus infection.

Hay fever Tonic Recipe:

10 oz. Cold filtered water
2 tablespoons raw wildflower honey
2 tablespoons Raw Unfiltered Apple cider Vinegar
1/2 teaspoon of royal jelly. optional ( this will help fight fatigue)

Mix all ingredients very well making sure all ingredients are fully dissolved.

Take often as needed

 Special note brush teeth after use  or as often as possible during the day if you use it a lot too much apple cider vinegar can slightly possibly effect the enamel on the teeth.

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