A Note From “The Herbal Survivalist” to All

Hello Everyone,

                          I hope you had a Blessed week, The reason for this notation I would like to become in addition to an overall information solution on Herbal Survival and Tactics. I would like to hear from you individually and collectively. on what you would like to se on this Blog in addition to my general posts as well as those  in the archives. Be as specific as you like and know this… if I do not have the answer immediately I have friends that also are traditional herbalists and take their work very seriously and sincerely. So leave a comment here, and I will begin to serve you all individually and collectively better. And while you are at it sign up for our Secure and confidential mail list and receive updates automatically and you can cancel at any tine very simply.
           Remember NO question is a dumb question learning is an invocation of the mind and it is in this that learning enhances the desire to become an act and then the act becomes a routine in our everyday life providing growth to ourselves and other through passionate examples. But be patient true growth does not happen overnight but in time; The seed gets planted, and it is in our cultivation of the soil we will witness the bearing of wondrous fruit. and yes Individually and Collectively.

    Become Aware,Prepare and Persevere! Strive forward with truth and you be bound to reach your destination. Circum all obstacles with fidelity and the fruits of truth will grow and direct you without deciet. Know your limitations and persevere and they will dimish but replaced with knowledge. When obsticals become difficult use them as landmarks and grow in awareness and with fidelity you will get to your destination. 

Prepare yourself, learn and grow and your battles you will ultimately win one by one day by day and in “TRUTH”

God Bless,