A Powerhouse of a Herbal Cough Syrup

Herbal Cough Syrup Recipe:

What you will need:

4 ounces od wild Cherry bark
2 ounces of horehound
2 ounces of Mullen
1 ounce of chamomile flowers
Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin
Distilled Water

All of the herbs are great aids for the respiratory system. I added Chamomile, a nervine also a calmative to help with any added suppressions with  any spasmodic activity that could be causing the cough. 

Add all the herbs to a pot that is not aluminum. then add enough distilled water to go 1/4 of an inch above herbs. low simmer for 30 minutes. Add glycerin and mix well simmer another 30 minutes. Let Cool and strain and press well bottle and keep in Refrigerator. 

A few uses for this recipe are:
Cold n Flu
Whooping Cough
High Blood Pressure

Adding 1/8 teaspoon of anise seed powder will bring up phlegm in severe cases but not for children use.