Antibiotic Resistant Modifiers

TARGET: All Main Systems, 
SURVIVAL: Medicine

There are diseases and illness’  out their that are  antibiotic resistant this means they cannot be treated with antibiotics, simply because the bacteria changes and becomes tolerable to the antibiotic treatment . (in simple form) however there are powerful herbs and I mean powerhouses that are classified as “ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANT MODIFIERS”  these are herbs that make the new bacteria non tolerable to the natural properties within the herb, this is achieved through anti oxidation process’ and oxygenation process’ that the herbs also provides. Some process’ may, (depending on the bacteria) need to either inhibit or create a calcium channel(s).


Calcium Channels are molecular structures in the body which allow cells to transmit electrical charges to each other through the calcium channel.


Calcium is a vital signaling molecule that mediates muscle contraction, neurotransmission, gene expression and more. There are two main types of calcium channels; voltage-gated calcium channels, which open in response to changes in membrane potential and ligand-gated calcium channels.


Furthermore, Herbal extraction(s) Essential oils, Tinctures, Concoctions with high levels of concentrated enzymes( achieved through forced distillation and or cold infused (Single, Double, or Triple) or reduction methods to achieve a concentrated extraction aid in in coping with methicillin resistance.

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A few powerful herbs that are ( but not limited to...)


Antibiotic resistant modifiers are:

Please note these are SUPER powerhouse herbs
Garlic: This herb increases both oxygenation and circulation and has the potential(depending on the bacteria to create calcium channels, This is due to the reaction(s) from acylcine which is a powerful antibody itself.
Lavender: for its antimicrobial  and antibacterial properties
Thyme:This her ha a very high O.R.A.C. level to decrease oxidation as well as provide antibodies to defeat the bacteria while confining it to a specific region. this region calcium channels are inhibited to prevent distribution throughout through these channels while also providing a means for oxidation.
Clove: A powerful antiviral, Antibacterial with anesthetic properties to aid in the relief of stress applied to a main system by slowing and or completed defeating the antibody resistance with its anesthetic properties
Cayenne: This herb increases oxygenation of the blood while increasing circulation, creating calcium channels
White willow bark Thin and increases blood flow to deliver larger amounts of oxygen when called for by a main system.
Slippery Elm:this herb provides nutritional support while creating calcium channels
Ginger Root: This is a powerful antiviral that to aids in the relief of stress on all the main systems as well as the skeletal muscular system.
Oregano: for its powerful anti-viral anti-bacterial properties ( primary with greek oregano)
Cinnamon: for its antiseptic properties no virus or bacteria mutation(s) can live within the antiseptic properties of cinnamon.
Goldenseal: for the purity and powerful antiseptic properties
Bee Pollen/Propolis: for its powerful and purest form  of antiseptic properties along with the truest and purest unsynthesized form of B complex vitamins ,Enzymes, amino acids and nutrition(s) this is achieved from the cross-pollination patterns of the bees during collection of pollen.This alone helps support a healthy Central nervous system and immune system

There are other Antibiotic Resistant Modifier herbs within Traditional, Egyptian, Greek,Chinese and Ayurveda Medicine. Which we will begin to get into VERY SHORTLY!!! These herbs date back over 3,500 years with great success.