As a Prepper what can herbal medicine do for me?


As a Prepper what can herbal medicine do for me?

So you have been hearing a lot of good testimonials about herbal medicine… But as a prepper how can it play a vital and realistic role in my prepping plan?

Herbal and nutritional medicines and supplementation(s) will make you and your family independent on the current pharmaceutical industry which is regulated b the government. Secondly, you can grow your own medicinal/nutritional herbs or you can wild craft them (go out in your yard or local wooded area to gather them). But you can also barter with them both long and short distance. This means if a certain herb does not grow in your area but does elsewhere and some of the herbs you gather do not grow in that place then BARTER!!! But the most Powerful and truthful statement about herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation(s) is that is is ALL NATURAL no fillers loaded with toxins and its less expensive and provides more lasting results. Example Pharmaceutical aspirin cannot be tolerated by many because it irritates the stomach lining and causes internal bleeding in some cases. but a herb known as white willow bark does the exact same thing as aspirin but more lasting and more broad when it comes to pain management and to has blood thinning properties without those side effects and the best part is that you know the ingredients and it’s all natural.

People may be forgetting when thing happen and if martial law is imposed or drugs regulated even more by the government what will you do. how will you support your disability(s) in your family even now as I speak it can be used to help your families But for what you ask?
How about this very short list for starters….


  • Stop ANY Bleeding internal or external Cayenne, for external wounds torn plantain leaves will produce initial coagulation process to begin.
  • Inflammation: Ginger Root, Turmeric Root, White Willow Bark,
  • Allergies: apple cider vinegar and honey tonic, lemon onion juice
  • Common Cold cayenne,garlic,
  • Flues Horehound, elderberry, dandelion, licorice root,Mullen
  • Bronchitis Mullen elderberry, dandelion bee pollen, licorice root, marshmallow root, horehound
  • Lung and Respiratory infections:
  • Cancer: blue violet leaf, slippery elm bark, chaparral
  • Diabetes licorice root, dandelion, turmeric root,
  • Insomnia Lavender, Passion flower, lemon balm
  • Anxiety Passion flower, lavender
  • Malnutrition Slippery elm bark, Bee pollen, Chlorella, Spirulina
  • Food Poisoning Activated Charcoal,slippery elm bark,
  • Graves Disease Lemon grass, essential oil, Kelp,
  • Lupus Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Lou Gehrig’s Disease Slippery Elms Bark, Apple Cider Vinegar
  • ADD passion flower tea
  • ADHD Passion Flower tea
  • Parkinson’s African Red ROOIBOS Tea,
  • Alzheimer’s disease  African Red ROOIBOS Tea, rosemary, sage,ginkgo
  • Hypoglycemia turmeric root, dandelion, licorice root
  • Poor Circulation Cayenne, Garlic, Hawthorne,
  • Fever Yarrow, ginger root, garlic, white willow bark any diaphoretic herb
  • H mutation Virus Oregano Tea, Garlic, Cayenne, Oil of oregano, Oil of thyme, ginger root, all antiviral, bacterial, and nutritional herbs
  • bruised or even Broken Ribs Slippery elm poultice, Ginger turmeric made as a hot milk known as Golden milk in India, Black strap molasses tea
  • ANY MAN MADE VIRUS and Or Bacteria
  • Kidney Stones and infections,  4 oz. daily pure Lemon Juice no olive oil!
  • Poison Ivy plantain another pesky weed in your yard
  • Diabetes: Berberine herbs; turmeric root,Golden seal,Barberry, Essiac Tea
  • Cancer(All types/stages: Essiac Tea: (4 Herb Formula) Indian/Turkey Rhubarb, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark, Burdock Root

And this is a short list !!!

 Again, you ask So What’s So Great about Herbal Medicine???

Herbal Remedies Aid an aliment in a healthy and all natural way. With   Definite   results through natural enzymes defeat diseases sickness’ with great success.This is due to the purity of the natural product as well as the simplicity of use and most important the lack of chemicals and synthetics used as fillers that are toxic and cause more problems then they do help. but the best thing about herbal medicine they are Fun, Simple, Inexpensive, and the ingredients can mainly be purchased at a good supermarket or health food store but most importantly it is realistic with NO limitations.

Again, through nature,  there  are  a  huge  variety  of  herbs,  having  medicinal  properties  and  they  are  used
to  prepare  the  herbal  medicines.  They  can  be  used  directly  in  the  form  of  extracts  or  tea,  or
used  to  produce  the  drugs.  Several  herbs  consist  of  powerful  ingredients,  which  are  helpful  to cure  a  number  of  health  problems.  They  can  be  used  safely,  without  causing  any  side  effects.
Some  of  the  commonly  used  herbs and nutritional products;  are  ,  bee  pollen,  astragalus,
echinacea, Slippery elm bark,Wild Cherry Bark, Cayenne, Lemon Balm, Yarrow, Dandelion,Licorice Root, Vervain, Horehound, Mullein leaf,   chamomile,    flax seed,  ginger,
garlic, Thyme, grape seed, green  tea, tea  tree,  turmeric, vanilla,  soy  isoflavones,  white  willow,  etc.

Various  herbs  can  be  used  to  treat  various  minor  and  major  health  problems( but also not limited to one)  such  as
common  cold,  sleep  disorder,  allergy,  weight  loss,  digestive  problems,  hair  and  skin
problems,  anxiety  disorder,  heart  problems,  respiratory  problems,  hypertension,  t,
etc.  Various  parts  of  plants  such  as  stems,  leaves,  seeds,  barks  and  roots  are  used  to
prepare  the  herbal  medicine.  Some  of  the  important  benefits  of  herbal  medicine  are  given
below. Also inner barks are used from some trees and even Pine needles to make a pine needle tea this tea hot is an natural antiseptic and cooled it can be used as a wash.

Herbs have medicinal properties I will talk about a few main properties because there are so many. first off there are anti-bacterial herbs like Echinacea, there are antiviral herbs like Garlic, Lemon balm Cayenne, Ginger there are anti-inflammatory herbs like  Ginger, Turmeric, White Willow bark, there are nerviness like lemon balm chamomile, lavender, there are emetic herbs and there are diuretic herbs like Licorice root, Aloe, Dandelion,  there are diaphoretic herbs like Cayenne, Yarrow,

There  are  herbs  that  are  nutritional  and  some  even  used  for  weight  loss,  aliments  such  as
common  cold  to  more  severe  illnesses  such  as  diabetes.
Echinacea  assists  in  strengthening  the  immune  system and  also  is  good  for  killing  bacteria.
If  you  have  a  toothache  try  using  Pure  vanilla  extract  soaked  on  a  q  tip  and  rub  it  on  the  bad tooth  and  in  the  cavity  several  times  the  alcohol  in  the  vanilla  will  eventually  kill  the  nerve thus  elevating  the  pain.  then  with  another  tip,  run  alcohol  based  Echinacea  tincture  on  the tooth  and  around  the  gum  line,  this  will  prevent  any  bacteria  from  surviving  or  causing  a possible bacteria infection. also essential oil of clove will get rid of the pain.

A  Note  for  those  who  have  an  autoimmune  disorder  “Do  not  use  this  herb(Echinacea)  or  any  other  herb  that claims  to  enhance  your  immune  system.  It  will  work  in  reverse  thus  causing  one  to  become  sick more  easily  and  more  severely  because  it  lowers  the  threshold  (reverse)  from  normally  increasing or  raising  the  threshold.

Do You know one of the best natural ways to get a true and full spectrum of B complex vitamins is “DOMESTIC BEE POLLEN” this super food will nutritionally obligate the common cold as well as the flu by effectively maintaining a healthy immune system and Central Nervous System (this is why B vitamins are so important they are food for the brain and work with the Central Nervous system incredibly.

So Your blood is loaded with toxins from taking pharmaceuticals over the past years… So what can you do as a prepper  Those darn dandelions! pull a few of them out of the ground roots and all chop them up make a tea or concoction for a month and watch how much better you feel.
OK That great what about all the damages throughout my system these regulated drugs have caused Licorice root will fix that problem as well as increase your blood pressure so if you find you have low blood pressure because of pharmaceuticals  you are probably loaded with toxins and neuro toxins which will drag you down.

Maintaining Good health is vital to a prepper and especially when there are food shortages and we rely on the government to hand out free bread cheese milk and more or even use there soup kitchens. now we become dependent. but another herb called slippery elm bark will sustain someone nutritionally indefinitely. that and some ruff age to fill your belly you are good.

Herb Properties:


  • Anti Bacterial
  • This property defeats bacteria in a natural process sort of like oil and vinegar when an antibacterial solution and a bacteria are put together bacteria cease in many cases immediately. a good example is ache if you have acne and you place an alcohol based tincture of echinacea on it it OBLIVIATES THE BACTERIA and it then begins to heal.
  • Anti-viral This property will defeat a viral infection
  • Diaphoretic a herb that induces sweating ( a beneficial way to get rid of toxins and neurotoxins through the pores.
  • Dueretic a herb theta increases urine flow this to helps get rid of toxins from your kidneys and lower organs through urination.
  • Emetic this herb purges poisons from the system by vomitting
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Calmative
  • Nervine this herb properties specifically creates a calming effect and targets the central nervous system. thus defeating anxiety, panic, insomnia and an overactive neurotransmitter(s) particularly GABA and Dopamine
  • Demuculant Sooths the mucus membrane of any inflammation(s)
  • Decongestive

There are other derivatives of herbs called tincture these are highly concentrated extracts used in a similar way but sometimes and in cases have a netter absorption or effect on an illness or disease.
Secondly there are essential oils these are the pure concentrated oils distilled and are used for more and additional applications these to are high concentrates and a little goes a long way.
again there are Concoctions which are herbal teas simmered for a duration in a form called warm infusion this allows a slow simmer processes to extract more enzymes and vital nutrients than a tea should commonly produce.

Then there are Poultices these herbal wraps are used for skin irritations burns, cuts strains broken bones sore muscles and they take time to wok but they work well and can heal a broken bone better than a surgery at times. The key is patients especially if you are new to Herbal medicine.