Bartering and Bartering Traits

Bartering and Traits

Bartering is an essential tool to realistically acquire all the resources you need to survive a collapse of the economy. By doing this one also and Vitally simplifies their lifestyle(s) with the loss of complexities. thus making one less dependent on its governmental resources and or aid and currency Yes Currency. and even property taxes. If everyone during a collapse did not or could not pay their property taxes the government could not take the land for 1 the land is not the property ownership of the government. 2. there are no services needed anymore from the government making them and their implement laws irrelevant. but this must be done wholly by all and not by individualism. Yes those elites and secret societies will truthfully dwindle out because of their failure to focus on simplicity and not COMPLEXITY(CONTROL). Furthermore this will become the beginning of a new era an era of charity ,were neighbors help each other without condition and or compromise,and once again include “GOD” back into their lives through theirs actions. DO NOT be afraid of the “GOD” word because it is more than a word or being it is “LOVE and Truth” and LOVE and TRUTH ITSELF”. For “God” help those who need him and ask of him with sincerity and without self righteousness. but Humility and Charity.

When One Barters we help each other by offering items or services to each other for those items and or services in we are in need of, thus creating a win win solution for all. Imagine you need food for your family because you ran out or it was stolen or even confiscated or even went bad. But you have made some candles that you have extra. You can use these extra candles to barter for food for your family  to a degree and from those looking to barter for candles and  repeat the process indefinitely but not limited to food but other Items and Raw Goods you can use for bartering for other items and or services that you feel you may need. This can be used to expand your bartering resources for trade.

God Bless,

Some of the products but not limited to, one could use or take up for trade or barter:

  1. Education: learn a new service or how to or even homeschooling services outside the government ‘s realm. or for even Charity for elders,the Sick and or Disabled.
  2. Candle/ Soap making: Light, and Personal hygiene are vital for ones survival and well being and healthy  state of mind
  3. Nutritional Supplementaions: overall  Products and or foods that are of nutrition for Good Health
  4. Services: Dental, Doctoring, Surgery, Trades, Babysitting/Child care ( get the idea?)
  5. Elderly and Disable Care: This is vital to treat other with unconditional and uncompromisable love and as a Human Being 
  6. Mechanical Services: Traditional Handyman Services
  7. Mercantile for raw goods: To maintain to a degree the bartering process but not dependent upon!!!
  8. Herbal Medicine:  Traditional Herbal Medicine; all done but hand and not the synthetic version for overall health and well being and pain management

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