Beeswax as a Barter Tool

Beeswax Candles 

 Beeswax candle making can be a powerful bartering tool. Beeswax candle burn slower and cleaner than other candles. they also smell great a very light hint of honey and are easy to make at home. Beeswax can be baught in bulk at a much cheaper cost than a retail outlet. it can also be used for many other uses. But Support your local bee keeper and ask to purchase from him  build a relationship and after a while and when a trust factor is built you may get him or her to tell you some of their own secrets. but then at that point and to reinforce a solid friendship and trust offer them a candle or something as a simple “Thank You for their trust in you. You may want to buy a bucket or 2 of fresh wildflower honey . Remember raw unprocessed honey has an indefinite shelf life.
Beeswax as a lubricant take a small piece of beeswax and rub it on those stubborn zippers and watch how much better they work and last.
Beeswax for herbal salves herbal salves are made of beeswax and make them great for an all around and portable use. and the natural enzymes in the beeswax has natural antiseptic properties that is why it is great for use in burn sticks and burn salves,

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Beeswax for lip balm

Beeswax for burn sticks

Beeswax in Herbal Salves

Why Honey is so good for many aliments, burns and more… 
and its Bartering Power