The Power of herbs Series "Cayenne"

Target:Circulatory System

Survival: Food

This will help you understand how powerful the enzymes in cayenne are.Dr. John Christopher a WW2 medic states in his book the school of natural healing that 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper will stop "ANY" bleeding internally or externally.

Another method is to take a cayenne tincture and thoroughly the gauze or bandage , and iI mean THOROUGHLY! Apply pressure for a min of 10-15  minutes to stop bleeding. To help minimize scaring after wound has stopped bleeding use a 2 percent dilution of lavender oil diluted with purified organic jojoba oil. Secondly, for internal bleeding take 1/2 cayenne powder or 2 full droppers of cayenne tincture in 10 oz. of warm water if using powder let disolve  as much as possible and drink 2times daily this can also be used as an external wash for minor cut and brushes.
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Secondly, Another form of medicinal use of cayenne is to make a tea this is a powerful alternative to a tincture. Also, an  all natural healing "Salve" used together with cinnamon can be used to increase circulation in a localized area and the cinnamon will help with the delivery of blood and oxogen to nerve endings to aid in nerve repair. as well as minor neuropathy. Se recipe below.




Recipes & Dosing:


Cayenne Tea:

take 1 teaspoon of cayenne powder and add 8 ounces of boiling water to it and let sit for 10-15 minutes. then strain with a coffee filter or cheese cloth or even a clean cotton shirt if nothing else is available. drink daily for adults only:

Note the higher the Heat Units are the more capsicum levels are  present and the more effective will be its application. E.G. there are some cayenne powders that range from about 18,00 U,nits to 58,000 U,nits and more.


Cayenne/Cinnamon Salve:

Follow the directions to the healing save and as you add the lavender essential oil while salve is still liquid form in the tin add 3 drops of cinnamon essential oil and 4 drops of cayenne infused oil.


Cayenne Infused oil:

Please note this is different than essential oil it possess a lesser level of concentrates of capsicum.

take 4 tablespoons of cayenne powder and 8 ounces of grape seed or jojoba oil(preferred because of the high levels of vitamin E present help with increasing absorption.