Chamomile Wildflower Whole Wheat Bread

Chamomile, Wildflower & Whole Wheat Bread

Every so often I will be putting up an ALL natural recipe that ties in to the concept of this blog. “Self Sufficiency” I also am a baker who learn from my grandmother how to make Breads, Cheeses, Pastas, and Deserts, and from my Great Grandfather I lasso learns about The Bees and Grafting Fruit Trees, Wild Honeys  and Farming.on a small farm 10 acres. BUt for today WE will make a Chamomile
Honey Bread.
God Bless,

This bead is loaded with natural ingredients and flavor. and is good for the upcoming fall season. Chamomile is good for the Common Cold and with the f;aver of fresh ground wheat and honey is very relaxing and complements the upcoming cooler weather FALL. 
Also remember keeping the immune system up to par is vital this time of year so keeping a healthy diet it important and the more we become less dependent on the store and government and rely on each other for raw goods we all will be OK! bartering is also important so that we can obtain the raw goods needed to survive. 
Begin to build a friendship(s) with those who you can and would also like to begin a barter community (KEEP IT SYMPLE AT FIRST) and do not forget GOD.
That’s right ask with humility and good intentions for his help. AND WHATCH What happens. 
A few beginning ideas I am working on
Herbal and natural Breads with and without Cheese and or vegetables
Corn Breads that need no eggs. ( in case you can get eggs) Corn bread made with Yellow corn is a great source of nutrients for the Brain and entire Body. I like to add Tomatoes and onions and fresh Thyme and herbs but that is another day.
Herbal Licorices:
Herbal stuffed vegetables
Chicken and Meats:if I can get my hand on a fresh Chicken I will come up with a few Chicken dishes my grandmother taught me
Fresh Herbal Soups: Hearty Soups But easy and inexpensive to make. and buy hand if ever needed.
If there is a recipes you would like to se let me know I will work on it and test it.
P.S. Attention Cheese makers Save that Whey it is awesome for bread making!!!

Chamomile Honey Bread
You Will Need:
21/2 cup of ground hard red wheat berries
8 ounces of warm water
1 package of yeast
2 pinches of thyme
1 pinch of black pepper
1/4 cup of chamomile ground or flowers( 
1/2 cup of Raw Wildflower honey( 1/8 cup used for a glaze after out of oven)
Mix warm water and yeast and let disolve Knead well and let rise the first time for 1 hour.
Make your Bread loaf or Rolls/Biscuits and let rise another 30 minutes
Glaze lightly with honey glaze( se below)
Honey Glaze:
In another bowl add 2 tablespoons of raw honey and warm water and 1 teaspoon of chamomile and mix well until honey is liquid and chamomile saturated this is your glaze after the bread rises the second timeIn a bowl mix all ingredients except honey make a well  and add warm water
Bake 20-30 minutes at 350 until Golden brown use a cake tester and make sure it pulls out dry.

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  • September 27, 2013 at 2:15 am

    …This historical herb contain the vitamins and the minerals and can help to reduce many categories of diseases , we have much species of chamomile not all can help in herbal medicine just Hungarian chamomile and german , You should to know Any kind must be used ….

    Chamomile benefits – Historical herb with helpful benefits

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