The Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

The Power of Herbal Teas Unleashed 

 Part # 1 "Everyday Use"

Chamomile is a famous herb that can be used to make tea either alone or in blends. This is one of the gentlest and safest herbs out there, and has been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes. Grounded Chamomile flowers have been used by ancient Egyptians for alleviating skin irritations, calming nerves and fighting colds. It has also been popular with Romans, Egyptians and Greeks. Find out about some of the popular health benefits of Chamomile tea.

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Combats infections

The herb has strong antibacterial properties, and can help treat and prevent colds. It can protect the body against infection and diseases that are caused due to bacteria. The leaves and flowers of the herb have been found to increase the level of hippurate in urine. Hippurate occurs due to phenolic antioxidants decomposing, and it is associated to anti-bacterial activity in some cases. This might be the reason why it has been related to immune system improvement over a long time, and is capable of fighting infections.

Improves oral health

It can be very useful in boosting oral health. The tea can be used as a garage or mouthwash to provide tea drinkers with relief from gum and mouth infections.

Offers relief from menstrual cramps

Research has revealed that glycine levels in urine tend to rise after the consumption of Chamomile tea. The compound Glycine is known to relax muscle spasms in the body. According to scientists, having this type of tea can also alleviate menstrual cramps in women.

Cures inflammatory conditions

Chamomile has a type of compound known as Bisabolol, which boasts of robust anti-inflammatory properties. According to research, drinking this type of tea can reduce fever, arthritis and inflammation in test subjects. It also contains Apigenin, which is found to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Cures digestion problems

Chamomile tea also helps soothe stomach aches. It can soothe the guts, and promote better digestion – even in people who experience Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. For herbalism enthusiasts, this beverage can reduce gastric acid secretion and help cure stomach aches.