JUST UPDATED!!! Control Points During an Event or Emergency

Control Points During an Event or Emergency

If Martial Law or an event that utilizes:
Local or national guardsman
Fema “First Responders
UN Enforcement officers(peace keeping police) so called.
in addition to local, state and law enforcement


Secure your doors thrice with deadbolts top middle and bottom with 3″min. screws
they will eventually get in but it will buy you time.
2nd. board up all windows with 3/4 inch plywood if you can put on the exterior face of the plywood a sheet of sheet metal
put vent holes so you can se out or use your firearm(s)
3rd Reinforce plywood with 2×4’s going across the back and screwed into the studs
be super careful of all Garage side doors they are the most vulnerable foe easy access dead bolt those as well. 
Close of ALL chimneys to prevent smoke grenades or teargasing.
Be careful of central AC compressors they can be easy access for teargasing or smoking out.
Cache an additional food and water supply in metal buckets to prevent rats, moles, mice and rodents. also scatter an irregular pattern of old metal nails or screws if there detector keeps giving them false readings there is a good chance they will give up.
Kepp black pepper and cyan pepper on hand and mix them together well if they enter be careful but take a handful of this and the first opportunity you get throw it towards there face they will regret ever entering your house.
A Control point is the  limitations were someone can travel They limit ones ability to travel freely thus creating a manageable perimeter. This perimeter can have its own Law system even during martial law and in the event you are at one of these stops you will be asked to prove your Identity more than once with Official Documents! E.G. 
“CERTIFIED Birth Certificate. 
Passport with up to date photo and one that is current and not expired. 

Also you can be asked for Proof of ownership if you are driving of that vehicle with all current Documents; Registration, Insurance and License also with current photo. ( Please Note:   This will not be like any other check point during a police investigation or a fire scene. You will be dealing with Government trained official who are trained excessively and have been hardened with no compassion. So please prepare yourselves physiologically as well to handle the pressures Lines will be long as well.Check back regularly for updates and learning videos on this section and all other sections as well. 

Be very selective who you tell what because your best friend may need to get out of a jam and in return they trade off info to get themselves out of anything. These will be VERY scary moments and one does not think conscienceless and act impulsively out of fear, thus getting them out of a jam relives them of fear at whatever cost is necessary even telling militia were a food or amo cache is located and who owns it. Currently this will be very hard to believe right know but even your own Children will give up a food, Gun, or amo Cache if they FEAR their or a family members life is threatened but this is called an innocent Fear other than a Conscience or Selfish Fear as in the statement before this sentence.