Dandelion! WEED or MEDICINE?

Dandelion Weed 

Lets have some fun  fun with these Weeds or are they medicine?  try them out in a Salad with cranberries and almonds as well with a Ginger Citrus dressing.
God Bless,

Dandelion greens are a powerful medicinal herb with detoxifying properties. We may think these pesky little plants to be a nuisance but not at all not only are the flowers of a golden in color but the entire plant is gold. I mean a tremendous and beneficial plant from the root up to the flower. The can be used in tea, tonics, juices, nutritional fraps. and or even eaten raw in a salad. THe best time to harvest dandelions are in the spring when they are tender. Since they are green they have a bitter taste and it is best to juice them with another vegetable or fruit e.g. carrots, apples, pears. The golden spring flowers can be used to make a dandelion wine a very powerful health tonic. They are easy to gather and can be a fun adventurous and relaxing day doing this then going home to make a juice tonic for overall health is even more hope. Nature and natural products bring true hope to anyones existing lifestyle because there is no middleman. think of it God himself created the herbs, it is through his grace that we have the desire to learn, and it is from God that people meet and learn and help each other. So why not say Thank You God in your own way for without God all this would not be possible. Also because dandelions in the early spring especially make an excellent Spring tonic. they are capable of cleansing the system and strengthening the blood. dandelion contains as much iron as spinach and almost four times provitamin A in lettuce. It also is a great source of potassium,calcium, sodium as well as vitamin C. Dandelion Greens can also be found in some health food stores.
wash them thoroughly with a biodegradable vegetable wash and rinse with cool water place in a zip lock bag for a few days for juicing.

Drying dandelion can be also good because now you have a pure natural tea for your tea ball or infuser. you can also use the dried herb as part of a tincture recipe.

Dandelion Has been used in the following:

Age spots
Blood purifier
Liver cleanser
Low blood pressure
Weight loss
Yellow jaundice

Dandelion Tonic Recipe:

1 stalks of
celery leaves and all
2 red delicious apples
3 carrots
1/4 ‘ piece of Ginger
1 pear
1 radish
handfull od dandelion greens