Disinfecting with herbs

Disinfecting with herbs
Seems like a lot of people nowadays prefer to limit the usage
of chemical and toxic products in their household and dedicate their time to
the preparation of homemade solutions and blends which are safer and more
beneficial for the health. Once you try this method, you certainly will never
want to go back to the dangerous products offered in the shops which on top of
everything else always leave the smell of chemicals. The special powers of the
herbs are well-known from ancient times, so why do we have to endanger our
health by using toxic and expensive products? Substituting your cleaning
supplies and other products with natural ones is the best thing you can do for
yourself and for your family.
Whether you want to disinfect a wound, the food that you
eat or the different premises of your real estate property, you can depend on
the strong effect of the herbs. In order to use them properly, however, you
need to learn more about the different kinds of herbs out there. This is the
only way you will know which one will be best to use in case your kid has a
wound and which will be most effective for the cleaning of your kitchen, for
instance. Here are some useful recipes and ideas on how to use various herbs
for excellent disinfection.
DIY cleaner –
The cleaning of
the home is definitely one of the most tedious tasks. Usually, you can find in
the shops various disinfecting products which claim to be most effective
against the grime which collects at home. They might be useful for certain task
but what happens when you have to disinfect your kitchen appliances which you
use for cooking every day? For them, for the countertop, the cabinets and all
other delicate areas you can prepare your own herbal cleaner which you can use
for all purposes. You need white vinegar and several dried herbs, including
sage, lavender, rosemary and thyme. Put 4 tbls of each herb in a clean jar,
along with 2 tbls of white vinegar and then leave the jar in a dark and warm place
for a month. You can later use the special blend for the disinfection of every
surface and object in your home.
wound healers –
The honey is
definitely the best wound healer. When combined with various herbal oils, it
becomes very effective for treating different kinds of wounds. It is not
necessary to prepare the oils yourself because a lot of specialised shops offer
them in exchange for affordable prices. If you want to disinfect a wound and
make it heal faster, then you can use speedwell and plantain. Both of those
herbs are popular with the excellent effect they have on burns and cuts because
they stimulate the growth of new skin and kill all the bacteria. The chickweed can be also used for wounds and
burns disinfection, as well as for different skin irritations and dryness of
the skin. The yarrow will help immediately with the nosebleed and the calendula
will help with the sensitive skin.
·      Cleaning the food – Disinfecting your food won’t be a problem, if you depend on
the powerful qualities of the herbs. Whether you use store-bought antibacterial products prepared from the herbs we mentioned before or
prefer to make some blends yourself at home, you can be sure that all dangerous
bacteria will be removed from the food thoroughly before you eat it.
You can rely on the excellent qualities of the herbs which
will guarantee the successful disinfection of everything in your real estate
property. Even the wounds, the cuts and the burns will heal faster when they
are treated with the special herbs.
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