Food Cache

Creating a food cache at  remote locations are vital to a good escape and evade plan. But first there are some important factors to look at.
First, location can you realistically get to it if there are control points in place?
Second, How many people do you need t supply and how long for.
Third, What can I use to burry my cache in (remember rodents will beet you to your own cache if they can get to it. Use a galvanized garbage can or a commercial steel drum are the best. remember to waterproof the daylight out of it inside and out and put all items in ziplock or sealed bags with moisture absorbers(you can use hand warmers yes, they are the same thing). also you will need to stealth your cache as best as possible.
Guardsmen will be checking areas up to 2-3 ft deep in your cache area throw some nails or metal scrap around your cache area. WHY? to fool them!!! If they pick up signals and they keep finding metal screws etc. they will give up eventually. In another post I will go over stealthiness technique to hide from both Metal and IR detections. Remember they also checking up to a 1400 foot radius of your Home/Property.