The Health Benefits of
Ginger  Tea

The Herbal Tea Series Part No. 1

What are the Health Benefits of Ginger Tea?

Ginger tea is a beverage made with ginger, the fleshy brown spice that tastes very hot and has a pungent smell. It has widely been in use in India for hundreds of years as a cure for many common ailments. This kind of tea has many minerals such as magnesium and vitamins like Vitamin C. You can take this kind of tea with peppermint, honey or lemon juice for added benefits. Find out about the main health benefits of this type of tea.

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Relieves stomach discomfort:

Ginger tea plays a big role in aiding the digestive system, which helps avoid stomach aches and improves the absorption of foods. It can be useful in preventing unnecessary belching. You can release gastric acids and improve your appetite.

Cures motion sickness:

Herbalism proponents love the fact that this herbal tea is able to calm the nerves. It can be useful in avoiding migraines, headaches and vomiting – problems which are often associated with motion sickness. It is also beneficial in eliminating jet lag problems after a long-distance trip.

Cures Asthma:

The consumption of Ginger tea can help treat asthma. The herb is useful in loosening phlegm, and making the lungs expand. This, in turn, aids the body in recovering from labored breathing. It can also reduce the problems of continuous sneezing and allergies.

Improves blood circulation:

A cup of Ginger tea ever day can improve the flow of blood, and prevent the problems of excessive sweating, chills and fever. The herb is rich in active compounds such as amino acids and minerals that can make the blood flow smoother, and prevent cardiovascular ailments.
Improves fertility
The herb has rich aphrodisiac properties. Thus, having tea made from it can improve male fertility and sperm quality. When consumed every day, it can cure erectile dysfunction problems in men.

Reduces Inflammation:

The consumption of Ginger tea can also help treat inflammatory conditions of the joint, such as rheumatoid arthritis. You can avoid puffiness and swelling of sore joints and muscles, fatigue etc. If you are suffering from athlete’s foot, having this beverage can aid you in preventing itching, burning sensations and pain.

Boosts immunity:

Ginger tea has antioxidants that can improve the natural immunity. Having it every day can cut down on your stroke risks and fatty deposits in your arteries. With herbal tea made from ginger, your bad cholesterol levels or LDL can be reduced, and there can be wonderful results.