Good Morning and Happy Monday From the “Herbal Survivalist”

Good morning Everyone and…. Happy Monday,

                                                                                                                                                                                                     I just wanted to stop by and say hello and wish everybody a Happy Monday, I hope you and all your families had a safe, prosperous and blessed weekend. I would like to also  ask you all if there are any new Natural herbal topics you would like to learn about or se on the Blog. I would like to start to be more specific to your individual needs.

Secondly, To the young lady who commented about the homemade household natural products recipes I will be getting more of them up this week. in addition to my regular posts. Finally, Your specific needs will not conflict with my regular posts because now more than ever there is a need to become independent and take full control of our lives without being dependent on our Govt. and its controlled resources.  I am still working on a herbal nutrition bar recipe. made with organic herbs and honey and molasses and other good stuff as well as a nutritional snack bite. As soon as the recipes     are finalized I will post them with any notes

Please Note all or most of the posts I put up I personally have used and or use on a regular basis. Also I am looking to network with a few traditional Homesteader Blogs or groups I know allot about this area as well but I am putting my focus on Traditional Herbal Medicinal and Nutrition But in between put some other recipes up until I network with a few other blogs But also there are 2 very good blogs I am currently networking with. I.n.c.h. Survival and Survival Sherpa two very good and thorough Survival Sites with allot of learning for the whole family with other resources as well.
You all have a Blessed Day and always know I am hear for you all “Unconditionally”

God Bless,

A New Begining

Celery !1 Stalk
Ginger! 1 inch
Parsley! 1 Handful
Lemon! 1/4 (W/O peel)
Strawberry Fields Forever
Carrots! 2