The Plan Update #1

Hello Everyone,
The Plan that…

I should have something ready for us to get ready to begin in a day or two
If you recently noticed this checkmark icon on certain pages throughout the blog. Now we will be uploading the beginning of  a making of a Serious Herbal First Aid / Survival  Kit. Those of you who purchased the Ebook Herbal Survival and First aid will se how vital and beneficial this little ebook is  with this Kit and by building it yourself with the book and this blog. It Ties everything I have been writing about together and I have so much more to write and share with you all on Natural Survival. But that’s not all. No It doesn’t stop there. We must work together in building your individual,Family, Group, or Community Herbal Survival Kit. As you learn you all need to come up with ideas, strategies and other suggestions and interact with each other providing support to each other as you all learn individually and collectively. “TEAMWORK “ is vital and this process will begin to also teach you all individually and collectively the beginning steps to building a blueprint for a “BARTERING COMMUNITY”

once again “TEAMWORK” and supporting each other UNCONDITIONALLY yes, this means when difficult times come for you all Individually and Collectively when you do not understand, or if your tired as you begin you will encounter the necessity for Discipline and Perseverance Young may be helping young as well as old and visa versa. Do not be afraid to ask questions use resources and build a contingent plan of communicating with others. Do not just rely on this site use Survival Sherpa as a resource Start New topics and Comment , Comment, and Comment,  Bring others in with you even your family. I will be updating this letter and highlighting the updates as we go forward. So please also comment on this post to let me know Who you are and if your in and how you are in e.g. individual, family, group (name of Group) or community(name of Community)
Your Friend Always,
And God Bless You All and your families,