Herbal and Natural Solutions for Gout

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Herbal & Natural Solutions for Gout


Gout is the build up of uric in a persons joints, making it difficult for a person to move those joints without pain. There has always been a natural solution in the form of herbs and tonics to help this painful condition.



Alfalfa: Reduces acid levels

Bilberry: Anti-inflammatory

Celery Seed:  Anti-inflammatory

Hawthorne: Anti-inflammatory

Juniper: Neutralizes uric acid

Nettle: Neutralizes uric acid

African Red Roobos Tea

Parsley: due to its diuretic proper tic can aid in flushing out acid out of your system

The Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic on this Blog

Tonics and Extracts


  • Cherry Extract:
  • Wild Cherry Bark Tincture
  • White Willow Bark Tincture
  • Concentrate of vitamin C e.g. pure lemon juice



Fenel: Anti inflammatory

Apple:  the pectin in apples which forms a gel to remove toxins from the intestines and at the same time stimulates peristaltic and bowel activity. The potassium and phosphorus in apples help flush the kidneys and control digestive upset