Herbal Antiseptic Cleaner and Carpet Refreshener Part 2

Antiseptic Household Cleaner/Carpet Refreshener
I recently came up with a new antiseptic household cleaner and WOW! this is a Powerhouse of a solution. I put together Peppermint and thyme oil and not only does this stuff clean but disinfects very well. Also another variant add a more refreshing spring time scent You got it Lemongrass. and those pesky knots from vegetables or whatever will run for the hills. 
Part 2 of this covers an all natural Carpet cleaner Consisting of Baking Soda, Lemongrass essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil . The base for this recipe is the Baking Soda and Tea Tree essential oil you can also add Lavender Peppermint or for the holiday Cedarwood, Sage , Clove, Cinnamon. 
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“The Antiseptic cleaner recipe”

You will need: 

Spay bottle
1 teaspoon of PURE peppermint essential oil
1/2 teaspoon of PURE peppermint essential oil
16 oz. of  distilled water


Add essential oils to sprayer bottle then add distilled water shake well and use this is great for use during Cold and Flu season as a disinfectant.

“Carpet Refreshener Recipe”

You will need:

1 cup of Baking Soda
1/2 teaspoon of PURE Tea Tree essential oil (UNCUT)
1 teaspoon of PURE Peppermint essential oil (UNCUT)
1/3 teaspoon of PURE Sage essential oil (UNCUT)

Adding sage increases the disinfectant properties.

If you want also to kill dust mites add to this or any recipe 1 teaspoon of Rosemary or Clove essential oil. They won’t have a prayer after that!!!

Also you can replace the peppermint essential oil with one of the oils listed above. Also you can add 2 teaspoons of Lemongrass to the above recipe Notice I went from a1 teaspoon measurement cap. to a 2 teaspoon measurement; This is know as NOTING so that the main essential oil fragrance stands out over all while the others work in the background.

add 1 cup of baking soda to a small food processor when working with essential oils glass or stainless is best. also make sure you use this only for your non food preps from here on in.  

add the tea tree oil slowly and sir well so that it gets through the whole batch.

add the other oil(s) but here quick pulse 3-6 times, so the baking soda is a fine powder if still a tiny bit damp do not  worry place in a mason jar and shake well before each use.

Sprinkle a bit let sit for 10 plus minutes then vacuum.  Be careful on white ore light colored carpets because essential oils MAY slightly stain.  

You can also use this to refreshen your Couches and chairs that are cloth.