Herbal housecleaner for the holidays recipe

Yes, we also cook up recipes for many other much needed things such as house cleaning and much more. Here are a few good all natural recipes to clean your house and getting it smelling clean fresh and like a new spring morning even in the middle of winter during a blizzard.

Herbal Anti septic household cleaner
There are herbs that provide anti-septic properties. These Beautiful herbs allow us to clean and semi- sterilize an environment without harmful chemicals and even have a fresh fragrance a few of these herbs we will be using will be for general house cleaning they can be used in bathrooms on counter tops tables  and much more and if placed in a fine mister on apolstry couches and chair to help kill dust mites and even bed bugs.
a few herbs are St johns wort, Rosemary,Thyme, Oregano,Cinnamon and Tea Trea
I use different formulas with essential oils as well but if you do not have the essential oils on hand you can simmer the herbs in distilled water but never bringing them to a boil. allow to simmer for 4 minutes then let cool and you know have your cleaner. I know many people that make thyme tea to clean there entire kitchen. and they are very happy with the results.
You will also save a lot of money, get a better job, and you will love the fresh smell of your work. Its sort of making fun out of cleaning.
Recipe No. #1 
“A Woodsman general house cleaner”
4 oz. distilled water
4 drops of pine  Essential Oil
2 drops of Thyme Essential Oil
2 drops of clove essential oil
6 drops of atlas cedar essential oil (option)
1/2 teaspoon of 80 proof vodka ( as a preservative)
place all ingredients in a fine mist spray bottle the ones used to mist plants I found to work good or an atomizer type sprayer the ones liked used for perfumes these can be purchased at most health food stores.
Recipe No. #2
“Holiday Season Cleaner”
4 oz. distilled water
2 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil
2 drops of Thyme Essential Oil
2 drops of tea tree essential oil
3 drops of Cinnamon Essential Oil 
4 drops of clove  essential oil
1/2 teaspoon of 80 proof vodka ( as a preservative)