Herbal infused Honey




Herbal Infused honey
It’s Simple Fun an Cost Effective
Herbal infuse honey is an excellent way to formulate the herbal properties with the powerful properties of raw honey. it can be used to make fraps, lates, licorices,ar taken as is or even as as tonic or to top a hot or cold serial thus, adding an earthly and fresher flavor to your serial or beverage.
Do you like naturally brewed iced tea Iced tea without sugar then try this infuse fresh mint in your raw honey and then add a teaspoon or two to it. Its natural and taste great. and if you noticed you are getting headaches a lot try this. brew fresh chamomile tea then that same mint infused honey will bring it all together. First the chamomile tea is naturally decaffeinated, and the Mint with help aid in the headaches in a VERY mild way ( mint is a natural mild nervine thus relieving inflammation throughout the body and the brain as well in both the muscular and scelatol styes as well as the Centeral Nervous Systems.

“Mint Infused Honey”

You will need:
4 ounces of fresh raw honey Wildflower is the best overall in my opinion flavor wise and powerful against colds flus,allergies hay fever.
2 tablespoons of fresh mint
pint size glass jar  ALSO follow the recipe instructions here  simply use your infused recipe to flavor your frap or latte.
Take 4 oz. of raw honey ( Support your local Bee Keepers/ Farms)
add about 4 tablespoons of fresh mint 2 teaspoons if dryed
stir well let sit for 1-2 weeks strain the herbs out from the honey
That’s It

Tip: as soon as you se you herbal honey begin to crystalize it is at that time you can make your own herbal creamed honey. simply whip  the honey with a hand mixer until herbal honey has a cream like texture.


You may want to make a lot more than just 4 oz. once you try this stuff its addicting all year long .
Another note Honey has an indefinite shelf life . however if it begins to crystalize simple place the jar in warm water and that will solve that issue.