Herbal Oral Care Recipes

 Herbal Oral Care”
 Herbal Mouthwash and tooth wash for Healthy Gums
In the recipe below, peppermint and anise seed freshen breath.  Myrrh tincture/extract helps strengthen the gums, and is also antiseptic and also mildly preservative.  The tincture/extract may be made with grain alcohol (but a very small amount in the recipe) or vinegar.
     Thyme is a very powerful antiseptic and will kill those germs that other antiseptic mouth washes do and a whole lot more. Also if you have sensitive teeth or some nerve pain add 2 or 3 whole cloves in with this recipes and let sit for a few days and leave the cloves in the tea/ gargle always 
Another note adding myrrh tincture to this recipe is excellent for Gum health and bleeding gums.

Recipe #1:  Herbal antiseptic Mouth Rinse

1/2 cup distilled water
2 tsp dried peppermint
1 tsp anise seed
1/2 cup of thyme tea cooled 
Pour the hot water from the thyme tea   over the peppermint and anise seed. Cover and steep until cool. Strain and use. Store the mouthwash in a bottle and shake before using. This will keep for a week or so if stored in the refrigerator.

Recipe #2:  Herbal antiseptic tooth wash

1 cup distilled water
1 tblsp vegetable glycerin (can be purchase at most health and vitamin shops or your local pharmacy.)
1 tsp aloe vera juice (ingestible!)
6 drops peppermint essential oil
10 drops of Echinacea root tincture
2 drops of thyme essential oil
Mix the ingredients together and store in a covered container, using within a few days. Peppermint essential oil helps fight odor-causing bacteria, and aloe soothes gums