The Dangers of Psych Warfare

Psych Warfare can be painful physiologically but if your Central Nervous System is healthy and remain at optimal performance as much as possible it will be much harder for the enemy to win this battle because you will become ware and knowledgeable thus learning from their efforts to diminish your senses. We must think of Nutrition firstly. Simply because all our Main systems must be always or as much as possible functioning at optimal performances to battle the wars ahead. Yes, You heard me correct “WARS” the are physical wars and there are phycological wares otherwise known as tactics called PHYC. WARFARE. this is where fear is interjected in your everyday lifestyle making it easier for the enemy to manipulate you in doing what they want you t do even over what you want to do. They will confuse threaten and use scare tactics that would effect your daily lifestyles through many channels. Financial is one major channel without money. How would we pay our taxes or house loans. (you ever wonder why there are so many Govt. REVERSE MORTGAGES”) if you default and cannot pay the loan up after the primary owner dies guess who gets the house and LAND? You guessed it correct the govt.
Some Nutritional herbs and products that would provide not on a healthy Central System but provide nourishment overall. Slippery Em Bark, Passion Flower, Chamomile, Lavender Bee Pollen, Be Propolis, Royal Jelly, Pure Raw honey. (Honey has an indefinite shelf life) Slipper Elm Bark.

Other nutritional food such as Yellow corn will provide the Main Systems with Vitamin A,K, B6, B12,  just to list a few.

Also we will get into Medical Supplementation’s and strategies Did you ever think if you have a medical condition what would happen if your medication got discontinued! Ok then you would try an alternative right! but what if they all were discontinued maybe slated over a timeframe what happens to you?

Do you think stress or concern would arise  this is only the begining but if you had and alternate plan that made YOU the boss “INDEPENDENT’ and of all raw materials need Then what? I’ll tell you your stress would change to hope.