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The new Herbal Survivalist “HERBAL SURVIVAL KIT  Order Special  69.95 prepper price extended!

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The new Herbal Survivalist “HERBAL SURVIVAL KIT

“This Kit is the Real Deal”

This Kit is the Real Deal Covering Nutritional Support, Wound & Bleeding Management-internal and external, Antibiotic support, Pain Management, along with powerful nervine to calm the Central Nervous System during Difficult Times. This Kit Includes the Following.
6 1/2 ounce vials with droppers.of Cold infused high quality Alcohol based tinctures, Cayenne,White Willow, Slippery Elm Bark,Dandelion,Echinacea, and a Glycerine base tincture of Lemon Balm. It also includes 6 1/2 ounce vials with droppers of Therapeutic grade essential oils that have been diluted to adult strength (2%) . Eucalyptus, Lavender,Oregano, Clove, Tea Tree and Peppermint. 
For Quick Reference it also come with a detailed quick reference guide on essential oils covering all the oils in this kit and more in great detail providing application, dosing,precautions and more. I also included a data sheet for the tincture providing information on uses, dosing and precautions.
BONUS!!! I included with this kit my articles on the 3 suppefoods that will help you get through a food shortage, Natural Solutions for Botulism, and another article on both Clark and Young’s rule for pediatric and clinical dosing,
This Kit comes in a tactical and durable case and all materials are self contained and fit nicely in this case. the case also comes with its own removable web belt. 
Note This kit is a tactical Solution for any preparedness situation and is a definite Winner as a Grab -n- Go Natural medical and nutritional Survival Kit for the Family or Individual.  
So what can this kit actually do?

  • If famine broke out and you had this kit and a good water supply You all are fine Adults, Children, Infants
  • If You had a Stroke or heart attack No worries
  • If you had any form of internal or external bleeding  Your Safe
  • If you got any mutation of the H virus Not one worry
  • Cold Flus’ Bronchitis No problems
  • Anxiety, Convulsions or insomnia Your Great
  • Botulism No worries
  • and much more