Herbal Survival Kit Support & Training

Welcome to the Herbal Survival Kit Support and Trainning page. Here you will find resources for our survival kits with training and overview Videos, Downloads(supplement documentations for your kits as made available.

I want to sincerely thank everyone for there purchases and even there kindness’  I am dedicated to giving you people the BEST of the BEST.
from my heart and the Herbal Survivalist.
God Bless, You and your families.

I. Suplemental Documentations:

II. Training and Overview Videos 
What is the herbal kit what does it consist of and what can I use it for?

Anti-Itch Solutions with the Herbal Survival Main Kit 
Simple essential oil blends for Skin Conditions, Poison Ivy/Oak, Eczema, Shingles,Irritating Rashes Bug and bee bites and more.

Cayenne as a medicinal solution and Basic Emergency First Aid.

Poison Ivy, Bug Bites and repelling insects with your herbal survival kit.
Herbal Survival Kit Training Part #2
Treating Lice & Getting through a Seasonal Change

Herbal Survival Kit Training Part #3
Colds, Flu’s and the West Nile Virus

Herbal Survival Kit Training Part #4
Making Bug Repellents and treating insect bites with your kit
Herbal Survival Kit Training Part #5
Oral Care with the Herbal Survival Kit

Herbal Survival Kit Training Part #6
making a mouthwash, sore throat/cold-n-flu rinse

Herbal Survival Kit Training Part #7
Wound Management  & Skin Care & More