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Power of  Herbal Teas "Unleashed"

Part#1   "Everyday Use"

 Welcome to Phase #1 of Herbal Survival's New Launch. "The Power of Herbal Teas Unleashed" .

The Power of Herbal Teas Unleashed is a 4 part series. full of dynamic and realistic content that is fun for the whole family. So relax Learn and have fun with all four parts

 Whether you wish to enjoy better health, or to have some specific health benefits, herbal tea can be a good option for you. Herbal tea is a combination of hot water and herbs – such as Chamomile, flowers or dried fruits and much more. These Simple but powerful natural solutions if applied correctly and consistently become "Very" powerful healing element(s). Herbal teas are not only​ brewed from green or black tea leaves. It can be a great alternative (nutritionally and or medicinally) in case you find plain water to be to boring and lackluster to drink. This type of tea has long been associated with relaxation and rest. Find out about the various types of herbal tea that people who love herbalism like to drink. 

Chamomile Tea

It is very powerful in the relaxation of menstrual cramps and upset stomach problems. A soothing cup of Chamomile tea can give you good sleep, ease pains and aches that are associated with menstrual cramps and more. It can put an end to insomnia problems in some people who find it difficult to sleep due to anxiety and tension. Read More

Green Tea

Green tea is packed with Catechins and Flavonoids, which are effective for reducing cancer risks. Flavonoids are bright plant pigments that are present in most vegetables and fresh fruits out there, and are important for processing Vitamin C. It is necessary for the preservation of the capillary walls. These can help prevent infection. Read More

Peppermint Tea

This type of tea can end digestive problems such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), one of the top discomforting health issues. Vomiting and nausea can be eased by the consumption of Peppermint tea. It can also be effectual in the control of diverticular disorders and flatulence. Read More

Lemon Balm Tea

It is powerful for alleviating gastrointestinal problems and stomach disorders. It is effective for soothing the gall bladder and liver, and its benefits have been proven over the years. Lemon Balm Tea can ease stomach problems, fatigue, depression and many other discomforts like common colds and flu. 

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Jasmine Tea

It is wonderful for the natural treatment of digestive issues that can result in diarrhea and constipation. It can be a powerful defense against some types of cancer. Jasmine Tea is packed in polyphenols, which have strong antiviral and antioxidant properties. Thus, it can reduce the ageing process and make a person look vibrant and younger than his or her biological age. Read More

Matcha Tea

It is packed with antioxidants, which can reduce the pace of ageing of the body. Matcha Tea has L-Theanine, a component that reduces the level of stress. Read More

Rose Hip Tea

 Is a type of herbal tea that is made from steeping dried or crushed rosehips or rose plant fruits. There are many uses of these fruits, in culinary as well as in medicinal areas. Herbal tea made of dried rosehips is quite popular, and is known to have quite a few benefits – as stressed by lovers of herbalism

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Hibiscus tea

which is also referred to by supporters of herbalism as sorrel, karkade, flor de Jamaica or roselle, is among the healthiest teas to be found today. It can be consumed pure or blended with some other types of teas in order to achieve the best effects. This beverage works like a mild medicine, and is beneficial for your well-being in more ways than one. Find out how this herbal tea benefits health. Read More

Sage Tea

Is made out of the leaves of the sage (Salvia officianalis) plant, which originates in the Mediterranean area. This is among the most popular herbs in the world, and has many applications in cooking across the globe. The herb is packed in minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium and copper and many vitamins such as A, B, C, K and E, which makes it a popular choice for herbalism aficionados for making herbal tea. Know about some of the biggest health benefits of this type of tea. Read More

Ginger Tea

Is a beverage made with ginger, the fleshy brown spice that tastes very hot and has a pungent smell. It has widely been in use in India for hundreds of years as a cure for many common ailments. This kind of tea has many minerals such as magnesium and vitamins like Vitamin C. You can take this kind of tea with peppermint, honey or lemon juice for added benefits. Find out about the main health benefits of this type of tea. Read More

Chai Tea

Originates from India, and is a spicy and rich tea – loved by herbalism enthusiasts. It mainly consists of black tea, but there are quite a few other spices and herbs present as well. The name chai, in traditional Hindi, means “spicy". For hundreds of years, it has been a famous drink in Asia. With cultural integration and globalization, it has now also spread to other parts of the globe. Find out about some of the top health benefits of this

type of tea. Read More

African Red Roobos Tea

The health benefits of Roobos tea or red bush tea as it is also known as, are many and remarkable. It is grown from a small shrub, which only thrives in the Cedarberg region near Cape Town, South Africa. Health Benefits Of Roobos Tea. Read More