Herbs and Natural Solutions for MSG Poisoning

Herbs and Natural Solutions for MSG poisoning:

Msg is in much of fast foods today. It is a silent killer and provides no nutrient value to the body , but does have a damage effect of other Vitamins, Minerals, and particularly the Centeral Nervous system thus spawning its effect upon other main systems. However there is a natural solution for this problem…

The steps necessary are:

  • Detox To begin SLOWLY and Safely to cleanse the systems from both Toxins and Neurotoxins from the main Systems with herbal remedies
  • Flush To aid the detox process with consistence and consequence Flushes with filtered or distilled  water to cleanse the Toxins from the body through the process of both urinary and or Bowel Excretion(s)
  • Supplemental aid: Create the path to healing and adverse reactions of the effects of MSG. by the use of Vitamins and Amino Acids
  • Supplemental Nutrition: To Replenish nutritional Values depleted by MSG and its effect(s) distributed through the main systems.

Herbs and Nutritional Supplements used: “These Seemed to work the best out of all the others”.
  1. Dandelion Root: to begin to cleanse the blood and abdominal organs from toxins and neurotoxins.
  2. Burdock Root: a good Blood Cleaner to cleanse the blood from Bacterias and other toxins.
  3. Licorice Root: A mild diuretic to help stimulate urine flow to help flush the system from toxins in addition and nutritional damage to the cellular walls in abdominal organ will also help to begin the healing process of these damage(s) from the MSG poisoning EFFECT(s).
  4. Slippery Elm Bark: To aid overall in nutritional recovery. 

“SYSTEM FLUSH”Drink a lot of water after each process 3-4 glasses of filtered water to help Flush the systems from Toxins and neurotoxins as well as aiding the overall detoxification process.

Vitamin Supplementation of Vitamin C is beneficial to aid in rebuilding the immune system damaged by the stress’ from the poisoning effect(s) of MSG.
Vitamin B6 note USDA is 2mg. so be carful with B6 supplements and not to overdose an alternate is raw domestic bee Pollen for this.
Use of the amino Acids Taurine or Gaba are used to counter the poisoning effects by canceling the effects of MSG poisoning  Special Note vitamin B6 is needed for synthisization of Gaba for it to work efficiently and at all.

Nutritional Supplementation: to supply overall nutritional supplementation(s) to the overall body Systems. as a final process.
Use a Slippery Elm Gruel Daily as the last step. 

“Slippery Elm Gruel Recipe:”

3 tablespoons of Organic Slippery Elm powder
12 ounces of luke warm filtered or distilled water 
Mix well and drink
Content will be thick and soupy this is a gruel and it is healthy overall for nutritional support.