Herbs for Botulism

Herbs for Botulisms:
There are a few steps to create a  solution/supplemental aid for Botulism. When working with aiding any form of food poisoning the “PURITY of the ingredients you are working with is VITAL this means everything you use as a supplement or aid MUST be at a minimal “CERTIFIED ORGANIC “


First the need to Detox the blood from neurotoxins; Some herbs that can be used are:
Plantain, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root these; all are natural blood purifiers. Also there is a need to use activated charcoal tablets. Be very careful using activated or charcoal for if you are taking any medication for anything this will strip your system clean of it. This process must be done slowly and carefully and under a doctors care.

Nutritional Supplementation:

The need to increase vitamins and nutrition levels to maintain a healthy immune system. Some herbs for this are:
Enchinacea Root
Bee Pollen
Juniper berry( very powerful if new season and young berries are used)
Pine needle tea and fresh pine bark.
Increasing of Oxogen levels in blood:
The need to increase Oxogen levels of blood:
This can be carefully achieved with Vitamin E ( but be careful not to overdose on this step)

Balance of Electrolytes:

Now the Electrolytes need to be replaced and rebalanced PURE COCONUT WATER is IDEAL for this task will replenish electrolytes safely and slowly and rehydrate you as well. Also a good Recovery Tonic/ Juice can be used but must be fresh and CERTIFIED ORGANIC. e.g.. Apple Celery with Ginger juice.
2  Red Delicious apples
4 stalks of fresh Celery with leave
1/2 inch piece of fresh peeled ginger root.
option you can add 1/2 teaspoon of Fresh bee pollen to this for added B vitamin benefits.
For Stomach Cramps Ginger root or tea is good
During  this process’ for 3-5 days Go on a strict Diet of no Sugar foods, and or Fried or processed foods.
Follow Up with a Slippery Elm Gruel drink This will ultimately replenish lacking nutritional values of ALL organs.