Herbs for Bronchitis

Herbs for Bronchitis

Bronchitis a respiratory infection that weekend the main systems overall. However natural antibiotics, antioxidants, anti-viral Solutions can help

Oregano Oil: this herbal essential oil is a POWERHOUSE to defeat infections(bacteria and or viral) place a few drops(1-2) in a cup of hot water and mix well drink as a tea daily.
Anise: This herb will bring up and phlegm  do not take before bed you will be getting up as you bring up mucus and phlegm from the lungs.
Garlic: a powerful antibacterial and antiviral herb that will help heal the bronchitis us it in capsule form or take the GARLIC  ACID TINCTURE(recipe below) 2 times daily.
Onion: an onion is a natural antibiotic Read the posts Sleeping with an onion and read the onion caugh syrup post
Licorice Root: This herb will begin the healing process of the lungs take about an eyedropper full in a glass of warm hot filtered water drink once daily.

Eucalyptus Oil:  this herb can be used to help and open inflamed airways
Make a pot of boiling water not in an aluminum pot and add 5 drops of Pure UNCUT eucalyptus oil to water place a towel over your head and close tour eyes and SLOWLY and MILDLY breath the steam 
Ginger: This powerful antiviral will also help with respiratory inflammation(s) 
Try to refrain from milk as much as possible DO NOT add MILK to any teas and use Cinnamon and or Pure honey as sweetener. Also both Honey and cinnamon are natural anti-septics.

“Garlic Acid Tincture Recipe”
Apple Cider/Garlic Tincture Recipe
4 cloves of fresh Pressed Garlic
6 oz. Raw unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

1 clean glass jar

Potato Ricer and or cheesecloth 


Mix both ingredients together in a glass jar for 2 weeks the longer the stronger, shaking daily.
1. Place 6 oz. of Cider vinegar in a jar add minced or pressed garlic cloves.

2.Cover and shake daily for a min of 2 weeks, longer will give you a stronger and more potent tincture.

3. After 2 weeks or more strain garlic from cider vinegar and press the juices from the garlic with a cheesecloth or place the socked chopped garlic wrapped in a cheesecloth and press it in a potato ricer and squeeze the juices back into the cider vinegar them replace the chopped garlic back into the vinegar and bottle.

Use 1/2 teaspoon or 1 full eyedropper into a 6 oz. glass of WARM filtered water for Cold and flus and even Bronchitis or as a daily healthy Tonic this is great for the circulatory system.This is good for Cold and Flus and as a natural anti-viral antidote a great travel aid and first aid companion. 
 Do Not Use if pregnent or breast-feeding.