Herbs for Dairy Allergy for Adults

Natural Solutions for Dairy Allergy for Adults

Note if you are lactose intolerant for a long period it is said for this also to lead to a dairy allergy , In addition.

There are natural and safe solutions for Dairy Allergies. Yes, There is a simple process which also includes a Strict dairy free diet. Discipline. The Strict diet is only a part of the process to aid in the healing and detoxification process from the use of natural organic herbs over time.

The Overall Process:

  •  Strict Diary Free Diet with herbal bitters
  • Elimination of Bad Flora and replaced with good flora
  • Detoxification
  • Healing

The first step (The foundation for this process) is to get on a strict dairy free diet for at least 1-2 weeks then to begin a slow detoxification processes to eliminate Toxins that Have damaged the GI track and stomach lining and other organs related to the Gi track. Also during this diet I recommend the use of herbal Bitters, this will aid in the replacement of potentially harmful antacids as well as helping the body produce its own digestive juices which will only enhance the ability to absorb nutrients from our foods. in addition, herbal bitters while being a liver stimulant begins to eliminate toxins from the body thus aiding both the detoxification  and healing processes

Elimination of Bad Flora and any potential parasites. and replace with Good flora (bacteria) e.g. a god source for this is Organic PLAIN Yogurt.  For Parasites diluted essential clove oil,thyme essential oil, or oregano oil 1 drop to 2 oz. of carrier oil for clove oil dilution otherwise 1 drop to 2 ounces of carrier oil for oregano and or thyme pure uncut oils.

Detox Herbs: ( Dandelion and Burdock Root) These herbs are great for detoxifying the lower abdominal organs a well.

Healing Herbs: ( Licorice Root, Slippery elm Bark) The licorice root and or  slippery elms bark with take over the process targeting the following: The entire GI track, The Gaul Bladder, Kidneys, and Liver thus through nutritional supplementation(s) begin to heal these detoxified organs over time.

Note This is not a 1 day fix but ongoing particularly for more severe cases. And do not abuse the healing process by cheating on the dairy free diet for this will make the Entire process Nullified and do even more damage. But through Discipline and Determination this Solution can make a sad smile become happy.

Supplementation of Vitamin C, A K , D, E as well as Calcium , Magnesium, Manganese and Potassium are also necessary. This will aid in the overall process with efficient supplementation to the Bones and Other Vital organs.