herbs for fever

Herbs For Fevers

A fever is an indication of an internal  bacterial or viral infection. This could be due to toxins or neurotoxins which come from  food or the air or just an infection passed by another person . So we need to get the infection out to begin the healing process. This is achieved through both “Diaphoretic” herbs( herbs that open the pores and  induce sweating) and “Diuretic” ( herbs that induce urine flow) and Laxative herbs( herbs that induce Bowel Movements). Once this is achieve a nutritional supplementation is required immediately to replenish both damaged and lost nutrients from the infection(s) 
Also Personal hygiene is vital As well as the soundings  If sweating is induced through the use of a diaphoretic herb(s) such as Yarrow Root then the body must be wasted from the sweat to prevent it from reentering back into the pores. 
Also a need to replenish Fluid (sodium levels) this can be don with a freshly juiced Apples and Celery. Celery is the best for recovery and you could even eventually get rid of your home salt shakers. 
A few Good Diaphoretic herbs for fevers but not limited to are: Yarrow, access root, cayenne, garlic, skunk cabbage, wild ginger, wild marjoram, wild lettuce, wild yam,  white ash bark,lemon balm,thyme valerian,vervain
A few Good Diuretic herbs for fevers but not limited to are: anise, bilberry, chicory, celery, dandelion, black haw
A few Good Nutritional herbs for fevers but not limited to are:
  • Slippery Elm Bark
  • Chlorela
  • Spiriuila
  • dandelion
  • Raw AppleCider

A Fever Tonic
1 part of each
Yarrow Root
lemon balm
Slippery Elm Bark
Place all herbs in a Spice Bag
Pour 8 ounces. Boiling water over the bag Let steep for 4-5 minutes and press the herbs well  then place 1 teaspoon of cayenne in a strainer then pour the hot tea through the cayenne slowly.
Also Note that a slippery Elm gruel is also extremely Beneficial 
To make a slippery elm gruel
take 4 teaspoons of slippery elm bark powder 
and mix it with 10 ounces of good filtered water
drink it  2 times daily
Also Hot showers are good for inducing sweat and keeping the pores open for a good duration do not put ant body lotion or splash after the shower for his will clog the pores.
Another Healthy Tonic: My grandfather taught me
10 ounces of filtered water 
2 tablespoons of Raw UnfilteredApple Cider Vinegar
2 tablespoons of raw Wildflower honey
dink as needed. will revitalize and help rebalance the systems PH levels and much more se the Apple Cider Vinegar section of this blog. 
A Recovery Juice/Tonic
4 red delicious Apples
2 stalks of Celery
handful of Chicory
1 good pinch of Thyme
1/4 inch piece of fresh Ginger Root
This will help recover Needed Sodium Levels. while helping keep the immune system strong along with the thyme and ginger root.