Herbs for Pain

“Herbs for Pain”

Pain is a natural inconvenience to ones lifestyle thus creating hindrances in thought abilities and even speech. Many factories contribute to pain such as infections, Nerve spasms and or inflammation(s)  joint degeneration and inflammation, chemical imbalance particularly within the Central Nervous System.. confusion is another sort of pain a miscommunication of neural neurons to the synapse  ( the receptor for the chemical based neurotransmitters of the Central Nervous System. Below is a staring point to begin basic treatment with some natural solutions that will make someone feel much better overall and relieving pain.
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Oral Pain: Pain or nerve pain in the mouth area can become a issue and even effect the central nervous system directly with bought of fatigue , exhaustion. Though a inflamed nerve from a bacterial or viral infection possible from a leftover cold or flu due to a poor or week immune system. A healthy immune system year round will bring less pain to one life because now all the main systems can communicate properly and efficiently to each other calling for the necessary nutrients at all necessary time. 

Internal Pain: A few other pains may be related to intestinal allergies or complications and cause spasms or other burn in sensations Inflamed hemorrhoid due to poor and over frequent Bowel moments. or even Parasites or Worms. This can be due to the lack of necessary nutrients needed from a proper diet.  Allergies such as DAIRY can cause irregular intestinal spasms causing discomfort and as with any pain will place stress on the immune system thus weakening it and making one more suspect able to illness and even weakness.  

External Pain: For External Pains such as burns, damaged skin tissue due to a wound or infection can be treated with natural anti-biotic herbs to kill the Bacterial or Viral infection(s) thus calming the effected nerves, and mucus membrane tissue area thus, easing the pain to a degree.

A Few really Good Herbs  but not limited to are:

Skullcap: A Nervine that produces a calmness to the neurotransmitters 
Willow Bark: a powerful aspirin like pain killer and blood thinner as well as a natural and powerful anti-inflamatory
Cayenne: a powerful her used to treat headaches and sore joints by increasing circulation.
Turmeric Root: a Powerful Anti-inflammatory used for Joint pain and rheumatory arthritis
Ginger: Another herb an a great antiviral herb that is great for intestinal and GI pains and spasms and  is effective for treating nausea and inflammation. This herb, used for centuries for the treatment of rheumatism, muscle pain and rheumatoid arthritisAlso has natural anti-inflammatory properties
Marshmallow Root: a natural Purgative and Demuculant herbs provide a soothing relief for inflamed hemorrhoids and rectal area as well as intestinal and G.I.  Problems
Pure Aloe Juice: also Great for soothing and also has anti-inflammatory properties as well as a powerful laxative 
St John Wort: a natural antiseptic herb great for damage skin tissue healing
Tea Tree: Another great herb with powerful antiseptic properties thus calming external nerves due to damaged tissue and or burns of all type.
Oregano: a natural antibiotic used to defeat both bacterial and some viral infections.
Thyme: another more powerful antibiotic,antiseptic, good for infections and maintaining a healthy immune system.
Clove Buds: a very power pain killer with anesthetic properties mostly used for tooth ache and oral nerve pain 

Echinacea: a great herb used to defeat antibacterial infecti

ons and pain also can be used as a oral pain killer for abscess’ and or cold and canker soars and fever blisters.