Herbs that Repel

Herbs can be used in the form of defense this is natures way of saying “BACK OFF or SUFFER” from peppers to mints and from herbs to essential oils and even Triple concentrated tinctures… 

“Herbs that Repel”

In this Post we will get into herbs that can be used to repeal those unwanted pests Yes, this means people to. from insect to people repellents, Cayene can be used to repeal thugs away and this stuff is “POWERFUL especially if made in-house I will add the recipe later in this Post. But during any event or emergency you may get rioters looters and other unwanted trespassers. The need for Security,(self protection is VITAL during these circumstances. from protecting a food cache or loved one as well as yourself. 

Insect Repellents: 

First Roads will be backed up for uncomprehendable times. You may have to even Camp out locally. That is why also you should have a Go Bag in your car to sustain each person for 3-5 days. This includes Personal Hygiene for Men, Women and infants. There will be no way to turn around unless you are within the first 3 cars at the end of the line and hope there is an imediate off ramp close by or you to are staying put. So in the event you need to campout you now have if summer Bugs attacking you because of Colognes, Perfumes and other human odors. So to begin to ward off the Bugs there are a few herbs and essential oils that bugs dispose e.g. Mints, Lemongrass I also will include recipes for herbal insect repellents

Herbal People Repellents:

Root of a healthy skunk cabbage snap the root and place the root a distance from your areas circumference the odor is so strong it will deter someone from your camp unless they carry a portable air tank with them not even a gas mask will bail these unauthorized visitors out.  skunk cabbage grows in the northeast in swampy areas and wetlands

Cayenne: Used as a projectile will keep intruders or any unwanted persons away.
used in the form of a spray. The Combination of Rubbing alcohol and dried powdered cayenne are the main ingredient to keep anyone away. Pleae look at the Pepper Spray Recipe

Herbal Insect Repellents:

Lavender flowers and thyme with deter moths from cloths

To discourage ANTS from your house and camp use Peppermint or peppermint essential oil and they detest Clove essential oil

Geranium essential oil in a spay bottle of distilled water will prevent bugs and deter larva from feeding.

Note: Homemade Repellents are more effective than the chemical based ones because there is a true and uncut natural solution derived from nature itself without alterations or manmade chemicals. Essential oils are concentrated herbs in a pure and uncut oil form distilled from the herb itself through again a ” Natural Process