The Health Benefits of
Hibiscus  Tea

The Power of Herbal Tea  Unleashed Series Part #1 "Everyday Use"

The Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea – What are the Advantages?

Hibiscus tea, which is also referred to by supporters of herbalism as sorrel, karkade, flor de Jamaica or roselle, is among the healthiest teas to be found today. It can be consumed pure or blended with some other types of teas in order to achieve the best effects. This beverage works like a mild medicine, and is beneficial for your well-being in more ways than one. Find out how this herbal tea benefits health.

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Reduces hypertension:

Studies have revealed that the consumption of hibiscus tea every day helps reduce blood pressure in people suffering from mild - moderate levels of hypertension. In case you have issues with reducing blood pressure, this herbal tea can be capable of acting as a natural antihypertensive drug and cure hypertension for you. However, as it is supposed to work like an ACE inhibitor, it has to be used cautiously by people who suffer from low blood pressure already. 

Accelerates pace of healing:

Hibiscus tea is packed with Vitamin C, and can let you recover faster. It can help reduce your recovery time. Vitamin C can improve the absorption of iron in body, and is particularly useful for vegans and vegetarians.

Helps in weight loss:

The consumption of this tea following meals can aid in the breakdown of sugar and starches. It can let you lose weight more easily. It can keep you satisfied for more time, and is particularly useful in case you are following a diet for fat loss. This type of tea also works as a diuretic, and can increase urination for you. The less the amount of fluid that your body retains, the less you will look bloated.

Can help you live longer:

Hibiscus tea is packed with antioxidants, which can destroy the free radicals that damage the cells in the body. According to a few experts, organisms tend to age as free radicals damage the cells. Antioxidant-rich diet can boost your health, and make you live longer. 

Reduces cardiovascular risks:

A study conducted by the Institute of Biochemistry of the Shan Medical University in Taiwan has revealed that the intake of this beverage can cut down the risks of cardiovascular disorders. Thus, hibiscus tea is the primary ingredient or among the main ingredients in many herbal tea blends. 

Lowers bad cholesterol levels:

The same study has shown that the consumption of hibiscus tea reduces the level of bad cholesterol, or LDL, in the body.