Home Remedies for Sinus infection

Home Remedies for Sinus Infections


Causes of Sinus infections:
Bacteria infection
Viral infection
Allergen: dust, pollen, dairy enzymes, artificial colors and flavors,
Weak immune system:

Natural Solutions for a sinus infection:

Saline flush
Apple Cider Vinegar Tea Tonic
Blood Cleanse
Antiseptic herbs
Chai tea
Thyme tea
mullein tea
Antiseptic essential oil blend in a simple steam vaporizer(4 drops)

Whenever recovering from a Sinus infection of any type refrain from All Dairy products The enzymes in dairy products can irritate and inflame the sinus’ causing worsening and even slow or halt the recovery/healing process causing additional stress’ to the main systems and weakening the immune system further.

A list of Potent (H)herbs (NS)natural solutions and (EO)essential oils for Sinus infection are as follows:

(H)Mullein Leaf– Powerful antiviral particularly targeting the respiratory system.
(H, EO)Cinnamon– a powerhouse of an antiseptic when defused through steam over time when the affected sinus area(s) are properly propagated with cinnamon through a steam delivery system NO Bacterial or Viral infection can live with this area of the body.
THYME: (H,EO) a powerful anti-bacterial and antiseptic herb with anti-viral properties
EUCALYPTUS(EO) a powerhouse of an antiseptic essential oil that targets the respiratory system
LEMON(EO):   A Powerful and clean refreshing Scent as well as being an all natural decongestant
Herbal Survival Infection Buster Essential oil kit(EO)
Raw Honey(NS) a powerful and natural antiseptic with soothing enzymes that will aid in soothing any inflammation within the nasal passages and effected sinus area.
Apple Cider Vinegar(NS) another powerhouse of a antiseptic/cleansing agent to help clean up the sinus area from bacterias, toxins and allergens, thus allowing a more sound recovery.
GINGER(H,EO) A powerful anti-inflammatory and antiviral herb use as a tea
GARLIC(H) a powerful ant- Viral and detoxing agent
GARLIC and Raw honey Syrup(NS)
Vitamin C (H) Rose hips elderberry, a powerhouse loaded with high levels of antioxidants and flavonoids thus aiding and strengthening the immune system.

Making a Herbal Tea Recipe

you will need:
2 teaspoons of dried and cut herb or 6 teaspoons of fresh herb
10 ounces of water
herbal infuser or tea ball
Directions: bring water to a hard boil, place herb in infuser or tea ball add infuser/tea-ball to boiling water let steep for 15 minutes if using roots or barks let steep for 30 minutes for maximum healing properties take the soaked herbs CAREFULLY and with 2 large spoons squeeze/press the wet herbs into the tea water.

Making a Herbal Concoction Recipe:

You will need:
2 cups of water
4 teaspoons of herb
non aluminum saucepan
potato ricer

Bring water to a hard boil , add herbs to water lower heat to a low simmer to prevent excessive heat that can burn the herbs rendering them useless, let slowly simmer until reduced by 1/2 ( 1 cup of liquid present) strain but save soaked herb CAREFULLY place soaked herb in potato ricer and press slowly and vigorously over the Concoction water. Pressing the soaked herb weather in making a tea concoction or syrup maximizes the extraction of healing enzymes from the plant material(s) thus making a more effective potent tea, concoction, formula or syrup.

Making a Herbal Syrup Recipe:

You Will Need:
1 cup of cooled herbal Concoction
1 cup of pure raw honey
Directions: Follow direction of concoction above and let cool add raw honey mix well bottle and use, refrigerate for up to 3 weeks.

Using essential oils in aromatherapy and with steam
add 3 to 4 drops of your essential oil, blend, or formula undiluted to your 1 gallon hot steam vaporizer and let run for 24 hrs for maximum results you should se results after 3-6 hrs. sometimes sooner depending on the purity and effectiveness of your essential oil, bend or formula.

Other methods of aromatherapy:

The old Pot and steam method

Fill a non metallic pot with 4 cups of water and add 2 drops of you essential oil, blend, or formula to the boiling water bring to a hard boil add essential oil and bring to a low low simmer place a towel over your head to create a tent like environment close your eyes and breath the steam through mouth and nose.

Using Aromatherapy with a inhaler stick:

You will need:
An inhaler stick kit
Essential Oil, Essential Oil Blend, or Essential oil formula


Take the wick out of the inhaler by uncapping the base of the inhaler stick add 3-4 drops of your undiluted essential oil, essential oil blend or essential oil formula. and recap. place inhaler stick at the base of the nose and inhale one nostril at a time while keeping your mouth close. This method is great for travel and portability and as a prepared solution for a common aliment.