Homemade Water Purification System

A Simple Water Purification System that works!

Water purifications system are even more vital now than ever before. Having your own well, septic, and water purification is an asset because now YOU control your own water and its purification process. Look at the direction our government is headed. I ask you do you feel you can answer this with the Control word. They are all trying to control everything we do, use or need.

         Why? Think of it this way if you do not do what they want and how they want it done they can stop a vital necessity to you, your family, and even the community. but if you can make yourself Totally independent of this corrupted government you all will be fine.  They stopped the medication I have been taking for over 40 years and it controlled my seizures. Now i have only a few months supply left then that’s it so then what? I have been preparing for this and I have been supplementing my meds with an alternate solution with a great degree of success. That is why I am putting up what I put up Read about me and you will understand what I really know about. But start here do it in teams forget about bickering just work together from the videos I posted and the other Notes and topics PLease Print them out in a 3 ring binder so when the net goes down you will have your local copy to work from. PLEASE!!!  and if you have any questions ASK!!! and share the answers.  POST NEW TOPICS OF INTEREST OR OF QUESTION. Remember I am not a mind reader but YES I want to help.

So start here and make this simple water purification system. AND USE IT SO THAT YOU GET ADJUSTED TO THE PROCESS. as well as all the others this way your body will already be adapter and acclimated and prepared for the change when SHTF. and let me know how you all are making out I MEAN IT I CARE ABOUT ALL OF YOU…. young and old and yes in between too.

God Bless,

Water Purification Systems made easy and inexpensive:

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