The Power of Home Remedies

First, Let me begin by saying Home Remedies are  currently and "realistically"  helping others achieve medical self sufficiency even in the darkest times using the time-tested methods of our grandparents without spending lots of money on toxic drugs and without side effects.First let me begin by saying that Home Remedies.

These simple and inexpensive all natural solutions can be made with simple ingredients. Some of these ingredients may be growing in your yard this very moment. ( watch the wild lettuce video) while others can be obtained in your local supermarket or health food stores or even grown. We hope you enjoy this article and always know we are here to help you in your new journey of medical self sufficiency.

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The Power of Home Remedies
Ailments and infections like cough, cold, fever etc. have become quite common. Most patients turn to allopathic medicines for treating these ailments. However, home remedies have been found to be very effective in curing such diseases and has some important advantages over regular medication. They are completely natural and do not produce any side-effects. The global market for alternative medicines is growing fast. It was estimated to be $52 billion in 2017 and is estimated to grow at a rapid rate of 18.11% over the period 2017-2015. The current article discusses the power and salient advantages of home remedies in treating common diseases.
Benefits of Home Remedies:
Home remedies have been used for a very long time for treatment of common diseases. They offer many benefits over regular medicines. Some of the key benefits of using home remedies are discussed below:
Natural and Time-Tested Ingredients
Home remedies make use of completely natural ingredients and are free from any harmful chemicals. They use ingredients like fruits, vegetables, spices, medicinal herbs etc. to combat a wide range of ailments. These ingredients and their healing properties have been well researched and documented over time. Ayurveda has been known to be a highly effective branch of alternative medicine which makes use of natural ingredients and has been in existence for thousands of years. These ingredients and their properties to cure diseases have been established over a long time period. These ingredients are also easily available and compared to regular allopathic medicines, they are very cost-effective.
Easy Availability of Ingredients
Home remedies are made from ingredients like herbs, fruits, medicines, spices etc. which are easy to find in the market. Most of these ingredients are also readily available in homes. This makes preparation of these home remedies easier and instant. Most people do not have to face difficulties in finding these ingredients and can prepare the home remedies quickly in case of emergencies or in odd hours. They may face difficulty in finding a particular allopathic medicine instantly when they require it the most. This delay in getting the medicine and worsen the situation for the suffering patient. However, home remedies have the added advantage of being easily available when the patient requires it without any unnecessary delay.
Treats Diseases Naturally
Almost all the regular medicines contain chemicals or ingredients which are harmful to the body and produce undesirable side-effects in the long-term. They can help to treat the symptoms of an existing disease for which they are being consumed, but they are very likely to result in problems for other organs or systems of the human body. There have been numerous documented instances of harmful side-effects from regular prescribed medicines. Home remedies are made from natural and fresh ingredients and help to fight the disease and its causes naturally. They work towards healing the body naturally and speeding the process of recovery. Home remedies are ideal for minor ailments as they cure the body in a natural and organic manner and do not produce any known harmful side-effects.
Focus on Treating the Cause and not Symptoms
One of the biggest advantages of using home remedies is that it focuses on the root cause of the disease or ailment. The conventional allopathic medicines mostly suppress the symptoms of the disease in the patients and provide temporary relief. Once the medication is stopped, the symptoms flare up again causing the same discomfort to the patients and they need to start taking the medicines again. However, when using home remedies, the root cause of the disease is treated which is more likely to result in a cure and provide long-term relief to the patient. Home remedies also reduce the need of taking regular medication for an existing disease.
The prices of medicines are increasing rapidly over time. It is generally agreed that pharmaceutical corporations produce drugs and then add their cost of marketing, branding, overheads etc. which increases the final price significantly. This makes the drugs costly and regular use of it will involve considerable costs. Home remedies are made using natural and easily available ingredients and thus are very cheap compared to pharmaceutical drugs. Use of home remedies also lowers the need for visiting the doctors regularly and thus helps the patients to reduce the doctor’s visit and consultancy fees. Hence, use of home remedies is a highly cost-effective means of getting quality and natural treatment for diseases.
Milder and Negligible Side Effects
The pharmaceutical drugs contain number of chemicals which can have long-term side effects on the patients. Home remedies make use of natural ingredients and are much milder compared to allopathic drugs as they do not contain any harmful chemicals. This makes home remedies milder compared to the regular medicines and they are fit for consumption for almost everyone. Home remedies are meant to only treat the root cause of the disease or ailments and they are made from mostly fresh ingredients readily available at home. This makes them natural and free from any chemicals which can have side-effects later.
Due to a fast and hectic lifestyle, most of us are moving away from nature. Our lives have become more stressful and this has led to increase in diseases globally. Most of us look towards regular allopathic medication for treatment of all our diseases. However, though these medications help to resolve the particular ailment for which they have been administered, in most cases, they produce harmful side-effects.
This is where home remedies have an edge over regular medication for treatment of common ailments and infections. They are made from natural ingredients which are readily available in most homes. They can be prepared instantly and help to address the root cause of the ailment. As they are made from simple natural ingredients, home remedies are very cost-effective compared to the regular medicines which are expensive as the companies add their marketing, branding, and overhead expenses to the price. Home remedies expedite the healing process of the body while treating it for common ailments. Home remedies are much milder and do not produce any harmful side-effects on consumption and thus can be relied upon for treatment of common and minor ailments.