Hope Herbs and the Graces of God

All forms of Disabilities have plagued Gods people and then the so called man made medications that may even HELP us get through the disabilities are more damaging than help. (they put us in bondage a slavery to the manufactures and their regulators otherwise known as the government ).Think about it; if a pill cured a disability what would happen to its manufacturer? You got it they would go out of business. BUT OUT OF GOODNESS. But the majority of this  Generation is composed of 2 aliments 
1. GREED and 2. PRIDE. So is this what we want to turn to for help? however, God offers the best Solution for all disabilities. and they are Natural and to composed of 2 elements 1. Love and 2.Truth and through both of these; individually and collectively he demonstrates CHARITY. Yes sometimes with pain or sorrow but TRUE CHARITY which heals all disabilities. and its proven by examples
here is only one example with diabetes
But there are many other natural Solutions that will heal but before even that begins to work we must get rid of every ounce of PRIDE within our lives, not for one day but a lifetime. For any true healing of any disability is a lifetime. But in the healing process one will gain HOPE and as time goes on JOY then Peace then Charity THEN THEY WILL SE KNOW AND FEEL LOVE AND TRUTH and then and only then all will be well!!

ACHIEVED ALL THROUGH HUMILITY… the complete opposite of PRIDE.

God Bless,

Below is a short video off a man on many man made medications who decided to trust GOD and help his disability with God given desires and resources “HERBS” and “PERSEVERANCE” two more components.

Like I sad Previously there are many natural Solutions for disabilities and or circumstances. here are a few more but many many more…

Poor Circulation:Cyane, Ginger, Hawthorne, all used to increase circulation If there was a need for amputation due to poor circulation why not trust God and eliminate any pride and try this with your doctor(humility).

Epilepsy: Valerian, Hops, Black Cohosh, Skullcap,Passion Flower Bee pollen ( to supplement the full and trusts spectrum of B complex vitamins), GABA,Taurine,

There is even a Rice diet that has helped those with Epilepsy.

Diabetes Herbs: Watch this video and watch GOD at work…

Lou Gerichs Disease: Incurable by Western Medicine But TOTALY REVERSIBLE with natural medicines. 

Cancer: Esiac Tea is one of the most powerful tonics on the face of this earth 

There are many other great natural solutions That help disabilities as well.

In Conclusion Throughout this blog I have given your some solutions for free why not do the same for someone else wether it be an elder person, Shut In, or a person with a disability. Charity is another for of healing that comes from God and is above all the most powerful particularly if done with a pure intentions!!!

                                                                                                                                                                   If you do not have God in your life why not give him a try but not only for a cure but because of Charity. If you are blaming God for something; a death, Loss of a loved one or any other excuse then watch this short video clip from Start to Finish.