Horehound a powerful home remedy


Horehound is a type of herb that is grown in Britain. The herb is available in the form of capsules, teas, powders and drops in herbal medicine or health stores out there. It can be used as home remedies to make quite a few popular herbal tea varieties. Botanically, it is known by the name Marrubium vulgare. This is a perennial plant that comprises of small sized, white colored flowers and can be found growing all through Asia and Europe in the wild. All the components of this plant may be used medicinally.

How it Helps Prevent / Treat Viral Infections?

It is popular for its ability to alleviate lung problems, break up congestion and more. An infusion of this herb can be made from its leaves, and you can drink it thrice every day in the form of an expectorant. It is quite effective in the treatment of lung congestion, bronchial asthma, colds and coughs. 

The herb has been used for a long time as home remedies in improving sinus and lung health. This is a common ingredient in many organic cough mixtures. When you have to cure sinus issues, make sure that you use common horehound (known by the botanical name Marrubium Vulgare) or white colored horehound. There is also another variety, referred to as black horehound – which is used only for the treatment of stomach problems. 

What are its other Healing Properties?

White horehound is entirely free of risks to be used on young kids. You can use it in almost any mode. The herb also has a nice flavor, and you may put it along with fenugreek. If consumed in large quantities, the herb might act as a form of laxative. 

Such kind of herb may be used as herbal medicine for the treatment of many diseases. When it used externally, the herb can help cure many skin problems. Internally taken, it can be good for treating bronchial issues and coughs. It can also promote perspiration, and thus reduce fever symptoms. The herb can also stimulate bile secretion and flow from the gallbladder. It can help with digestion.

How Does It Work?

Marrubiin is the active ingredient of this herb, and serves as an expectorant. It stimulates the bronchioles, causing them to secrete. The herb can promote the secretion of bile, and its extract has a potential hypoglycemic effect. When taken in moderate amounts, it can help control high blood sugar levels. The active ingredient Marrubiin increases gastric juice and the flow of saliva.