The Book of Lost Remedies

Find out our Forefather’s Time-Tested Natural Cures and Household Remedies

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New Section “Wild Edibles”  

In the second part, you’ll discover how to identify the wild edibles and remedies that grow in forests.

I know you are interested in the old ways of doing things and incorporating that into your life. That’s why I want you to be the first to know about this:

I’ve just printed 100 copies of what is probably the best book I’ve ever written: The Lost Book of Remedies.

This isn’t available for the public yet. Only for a select few.

Here’s What You’ll Find in it

My grandfather was one of the greatest healers in America, and I spend most of my life using his old remedies. Most of the book is written closely following my grandfather’s life-long plant journal, which he used to treat thousands of people.
The physical book has 300 pages, with 3 colored pictures for every plant and for every medicine.
It’s made for common folk with no previous plant knowledge. Especially now that we’ve lost so much of it to history. That’s why in times of crisis, this book will save many American lives.

When medicines will vanish, you’ll need this on your bookshelf.

This is the ultimate survival tree that grows on almost every street in America.

In a survival situation, all YOU need is a good tree! The four core survival priorities: shelter, water, fire and food.

But there’s only one tree which truly has it all and more. Check it out.

You’ve probably already seen this in your backyard, but you didn’t know how dangerous it was… My advice: burn it or spread salt over it!If you see this plant in your backyard, burn it immediately! If you Our grandparents knew more than we can even imagine about what plants to steer clear of and which plants to use for medicine.Today we’ve lost their wisdom and we will pay the ultimate price when our unsustainable medical system collapses.But if you’ll give me just a few minutes of your time I’ll show you how you can treat your whole family using only simple backyard weeds

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