With Firm Faith In God And Their Leaders, The Early Pioneers Went To Work


Learn the Lost Ways of Traditional Survival from our Ancestors “The Pioneers”…

How to Food Storage and Preps areas


How to make Pemmican, the best Survival Food/ Prep.

How to make a self feeding fire that lasts ALL Night

​How to Properly & Successfuly Preserve and Store Food and your Preps. Realistically

Learn how to make Powerful Home Remedies


Whatch the Video Here

How to identify and Turn Weeds into Medicine



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About the Author:

Committed to paper by one of the leading father figures of survival, Claude Davis spent half a decade documenting long lost survival fundamentals of our ancestors, which have been forgotten in the shadow of modern day comforts. This Holy Writ of established practical wisdom and self-sufficiency covers every single essential outlook on survival you need to have.First of all… only a handful of lucky people EVEN KNOW this kind of knowledge exists in one place.And for these few, like you, it’s always a momentous discovery. The Lost Ways hands over primordial independence to you and your loved ones. You’ll gain priceless skill on how to survive the next major crisis, be it: economic collapse, mass pandemics, EMPs, droughts, floods, hurricanes, or the government going AWOL.You’ll have all the necessary tools to overcome anything and sustain your family in tough times. Our forefathers were facing such circumstances in day-to-day life, without any guidance whatsoever.They didn’t have electricity, law enforcement or modern survival gear to rely on, just like we won’t either in a crisis. why you’re to right person to teach this stuff. 

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