Making Butter and Cheese

Butter and Cheese are a great barter tool as well as a supplement or addition to a recipe. With raw honey and Creamline milk;They are great for insomnia and colds Below is a recipe taught to use from my grandmother who used this regularly and as a R.N. who helped our community used it on others with GREAT success;

Rosey’s Warm Milk
1 cup of Milk Creamline if possible
1 teaspoon of raw honey (Wildflower if possible)
1 teaspoon of sweet butter ( not margarine)
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon (optional)

In a enamal pot warm the milk Be very carful not to scorch it 
add butter low simmer for 10 seconds or until butter is completely melted pour in hot cup add honey and cinamon stir very well then ENJOY and SLEEP and FEEL BETTER
God Bless,
Making Butter and Cheese

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