Making a Faraday Cage or Box

Building a Faraday Cage/Box

A faraday cage or box is an enclosure that will protect electronic or electronic sensitive equipment from radiation emissions otherwise known a EMP’s Electro Magnetic Pulse. This is a short burst of energy which is energized by a nuclear blast or can be man made by the use of a generator that stores energy and releases short quick bursts(surges) at a sequential and at timed intervals. these Bursts of energy known as RFI or Cycles will burn out sensitive electronic components on TVs Radios Cell Phones, Car Computers and even Power Transformers rendering the device unusable almost immediately.

The Faraday Cage or box as a refractor or shield thus protecting the devices within itself by creating its own isolating ground while refracting the energy by the use of a metalic outer shell.

to build your own faraday cage take a metal box and insulate the interior of the box with a very thick layer of newspaper
close the blow and at the closure seams tape and seal with a metalic hvac tape. For biger equiptment you can use a galvanized guarbage can and in addition to the newspaper internail lining add a foam lining insulator cut pieces from foam insulator borad you can get at home depot or loses or hardware store. Then place the lid in the can and again seal it with a metalic faced tape