Natural Solutions and nutritional supplementation’s for Sore Muscles UPDATED!!!

Natural Solutions and Nutritional Supplementation’s  for Sore Muscles

Sore muscle are the result of over usage or going beyond or almost beyond its limitations. The Human Skeletal if not properly nutritioned will weaken and eventually fail , thus causing pain. With this said in simplicity
Here are some vital nutritional elements for the human skeletal system:
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Also Note: When taking Calcium; Magnesium MUST be present for proper bone Synthesization and overall health. Otherwise the Bone structure will become depleated and then Brittle and susceptible to Fractures and pain and rheumatism much more easily. Secondly, it is Vital to all the main systems including the muscular skeletal system for a HEALTHY immune system to be present and maintained. 

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Vitamin E: this fat soluble antioxidant protects tour cell membranes from damage and may prevent LDL cholesterol from oxidizing and forming plaque in the arteries. it is said to aid in deep vein thrombosis. 
Zinc: Helps fight off Colds and Flues and maintains a healthy immune system nutritionally.
Vitamin A: regulates cell growth  and helps produce white blood cells.
Vitamin K: automatically regulates blood clotting by transporting calcium from the body to the area of injury.Also vitamin K dependent protein is said to promoted good bone health  it is also good for blood vessel injury healing.
Vitamin C: functions as an antioxidant and fights off free radicals and the damage done by them ( Oxidation)
Vitamin B (full spectrum):  aid in a healthy immune system as well as help your body metabolize the carbohydrates and proteins you eat.


Sodium: needed for proper balance of nerve transmission and muscle contraction
Potasium:needed for proper fluid balance,nerve transmission and muscle contractionCalcium will also aid in the vitamin K of blood clotting 
Magnesium to aid in overall immune system health

Bee Pollen: A superfood loaded with vitamins for a healthy immune systen
Slippery Elm Bark Powder: To provide overall nutritional supplementation to all the Main Systems as a FOOD.