Natural Solutions for Anaphylactic

Natural Solution for Anaphylactic
This is a rare and life threatening allergic reaction. People who are more prone to this are those with extreme sensitivities to substances, such as bee stings, bites,pollens, animal dandruff, certain foods and nuts specifically nuts, dairy products.

These Certain foods and element in conjunction with the  supper sensitivity to certain allergens cause a release of histamines which release triggers which dilate the blood vessels, thus constricting the lung passageways, lowering blood pressure,and furthermore causing itchy skin, rash,bronchial spasms,swelling of the tongue or throat, and diarrhea.

Secondly, another key factor of anaphylactic is the ability to depress and manipulate the immune system with overloads of allergens. this is so because of the hypersensitivity of allergens makes the immune system work as if had a call or a load on it.

So what do we do?
Firstly, during an Anaphylactic reaction we need to stop the histamines with a antihistamine. a powerhouse of a herb for this is “Licorice Root”

Secondly, we need to address any spasms caused by the constriction of the airways,
and other effects caused by the release of histamines  to address this issue effectively we need a antispasmodic herb. Another Powerhouse of a herb with antispasmodic properties is “Cayenne”

Thirdly, we need to not only get all the main systems working normally but provide a nutritional base for nutrition for the immune system. Another Powerhouse of a herb for this task is “ Slippery Elm Bark” followed by a Cinnamon Tea/Tonic (for its antiseptic properties).

A Good Anaphylactic Recipe I came up with and use is a formulation of herbs cold infused in 100 proof Alcohol as a tincture then after pressed well stained through cayenne pepper

Anaphylactic Recipe

This recipes’ goal is to stop the release of histamines and stop any spasms. thus bringing all the main systems to a “NORM”

  • 4 parts licorice root
  • 1 part  Nettles
  • 1 part cayenne
  • 100 proof Alcohol


Take Nettles and licorice root and of the total volume add 3 parts of 100 proof high quality vodka or grain achahol  and let sit for a min. of 6 weeks shaking it each day for 2 week
after to strain and press it take another strainer lined with a coffee filter line the cayenne pepper on this filter paper evenly and then placing another filter on top of the cayenne then taking your freshly pressed tincture pour slowly and evenly through the filters when completely finish your tincture will have the effect of a antispasmodic. then bottle and use as needed. Use .20ml on tongue or in a glass of warm water.

NOTE: For EMERGENCIES if you have an attack and do not have anything with you a cup of caffeinated black coffee “NO MILK OR SUGAR” will help stop the release of histamines. Also Green tea will have a similar effect.Follow my blog with Bloglovin