Anxiety disorder natural solutions that work




Survival Properties: Maintains a healthy mindset

Natural Solutions for ANXIETY

  Anxiety is caused by stress and also a moment of chemical imbalance. The neurotransmitters that communicate with the synapse (chemical receptors at the base of the brain stem) become unhealthy as a result communications are incomplete,and are no effective enough to sustain a healthy chemical signal. This is due to poor diet, stress, genetic issues,illness, or lack of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, The B vitamins become critical to the healthy brain function due to the fact that vitamin b6 causes  synthesisation of  many other minerals, amino acids etc. also vitamin E is essential because of its ability to oxygenate the blood (two critical components to a healthy brain functionality. Blood flow and Oxygen. 

Natural Solutions for Stress Reduction:

Tired of Stress, Feeling lousy or sad, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Sleep Insomnia, Are You easily prone to illness’ ?
Nutra Blends New Inner Peace Formula addresses All these and more But best of all it uses herbal and All Natural ingredients that promote Mental Clarity, Blissful Sleep, Happiness, Stress Reduction, Inner Peace all while boosting the immune system.
Now that all your Main systems are being maintained in a healthy fashion, Your adrenal gland and Central Nervous System’s neurotransmitters are happy and can do things like fight of infections easier and your adrenal hormonal production will be maintained healthy so your stress levels will decrease because its tolerances can handle more at once as well as ongoing. therefore less stress will help your Central nervous system to be maintained optimally and your Gaba and Melantonin neurotransmitters will communicate efficiently with the brain thus creating a healthy and sound sleep. Overall you day will become more relaxed and easy because your main systems are all now being properly maintained without any added toxins and neuro toxins to interfere or cause any side effects.

A Few Good Herbs for a healthy Central Nervous System Are:(short list)

Chamomile: A Nervine that helps maintain healthy neuro transmission(s) to the brains synapse aiding and promoting healthy brain function(s) as well as promoting sleep, healthy digestion. reducing stress
Skullcap: A Nervine that helps maintain healthy neuro transmission’s to the brains synapse aiding by promoting healthy mood function(s) as well as promoting sleep and overall well being.Passion flower
Valerian: A Nervine that helps maintain healthy neuro transmission’s to the brains synapse aiding by promoting healthy Sleep and encourages Calmness.
Bee Pollen: Supplement all main systems nutritionally in addition to aiding the Central Nervous system with the PUREST form of B Complex ( due to the cross pollination pattern of the bees during pollen collection)
Oat-straw: nutritionally supplements brain
Hawthorne: a herb that promotes a positive effect on the heart to improve circulation and the delivery of oxygen to all the main systems particularly the brain.

A few Good herbs for the Central Nervous System also called “Nervines”or “Calmatives”
Chamomile: “Naturally decaffeinated
 Lavender: Great also for insomnia ( a little goes a long way taking to much lavender works as a stimulant instead as a calmative)
Lemon Balm:
“A bit more powerful herbs”:
  • Hops: 
  • Valerian:
  • Skullcap:
  • Black Cohosh:
  • Passion Flower: Also great for ADD & ADHD in children


  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin C: for a maintaining healthy immune system
  • Vitamin E: Strong potential to oxygenate blood plus has antioxidant properties
  • Vitamin B6: for maintaining a overall healthy brain nutritionally


Amino Acids:
Gaba: A natural neurotransmitter calmative ( require vitamin B6 to synthesize in order for Gaba to activate.
Super foods:
  • Bee Pollen: Great source of TRUE & Full spectrum of “B” vitamins 
  • Goji Berries
  • Barley Grass
  • Wheat grass
  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella:
  • Slippery Elm bark ( Also a Herb)

Essential Oils:

Essential oils can in a powerful way aid in anxiety and nervousness as well as troublesome concerns:
Using a method of diffusing an essential oil or even a hydrosole will help the existing situation safely. or even a slight and often sniff from the oil jar itself.
How it works: There are enzymes know as phsytoilchemicals these compounds are natures tools to repair by process’ of excitatory  and or inhibitors. particularly neurotransmitter, this effecting the Central Nervous system directly and safely for example the compound found in Lavender effect the gaba  and melatonin as well as dopamine through inhibitory process. this natural process is like blending 2 of something is can be a slow process but is safe and has a non toxic effect vs. a harsher process which the effected main system can have a reverse type effect or extended effects throughout other main systems. (side effects) and potentially with toxicity.

However there are some good tinctures as well that work similarly. Essential oils have a more concentrated effect and potencies s) than tinctures. also they have a more extended application of usage and deployment process’.
Below is a list of essential oils used for anxiety and related issues:
Lavender:( inhibitory) essential oil diffuse in a diffuser or place a few drops on a tissue near your bed a night to help with insomnia.
Lemon: Excitatory)This help clear your mind and promote a sense of good feeling. like you are entering a new and naturally cleaned environment with any over empowerment(s)
Frankincense: (Inhibitory)This essential oils compounds acts as an natural antidepressant with an uplifting feeling.
Orange: (Excitatory) This essential oil helps clear the mind with it natural citrus scent creating an uplifting feeling.

A few good Stress buster Juices:
“Apple Carrot Ginger”
2 organic apples
2 stalks of organic celery
3 organic carrots
1/2″ piece of organic ginger
Juice all ingredients and what ch how good you feel
“A natural Rehydrator”
2 apples
4 stalks of organic celery leaves and all
When we become dehydrated our immune system weakens and our mains systems have to work harder to maintain optimal health this can create a stress factor on the Central Nervous System. due to a mild form of CNS depression. As CNS depression excellerates it becomes not only critical but can be deadly.(Brain exhaustion leading to brain death )