Natural Solutions for Back Pain

Target: Muscular Skeletal System
Survival: Medicine
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“Herbs for Back Pain”
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Excessive walking or improper exercise techniques can stress out nerves and even cause a pinching effect( the restriction of blood flow and nutrients to the nerve and especially nerve endings which are most sensitive and cause discomfort.
Added stress on the nerves can cause pain(s) within the Central Nervous System. and may even cause a chemical imbalance and lack of oxygen supply to the brain because of poor circulation and can cause several levels of headache and arthritic discomfort throughout the body .
Another factor is that poor hydration and mineralization absorption will also take effect because of the added stress on the immune system which in then stresses the Adrenal glands.

To remedy this solution as best as possible we need to cut any inflammation(s) down and provide a full spectrum of B complex vitamins as well a nutritional support to the entire nerve.

Steps to take to help with back pain: 

  • Increase blood circulation  for nutrition support
  • Decrease any internal inflammation(s) to aid healing process through natural herbal enzymes.
  • Stop any spasmodic activity.
  • Increase levels of oxygen to the brain in the blood
  • Provide a natural healing process of Nerves, Nerve Endings, Muscles & Tendons.

    White Willow Bark Tree Illustration

Beneficial Herbs: 

Essential Oils: 

  • Peppermint: Helps calm Muscle spasms with it’s antispasmodic properties
  • Cypress: This will help with sore tendons and nerves.
  • Lavender: Its anti micro bile properties will help with pain and calming the central nervous system creating a natural relation
  • Clove bud: This will help with localized pain due to the anesthetic properties
  • Ginger: A powerful anti inflammatory herb . Take a piece of fresh cut ginger root and rub the fresh cut side on effected area(s)
  • Marjorum: Helps promote a healthy cardiovascular system, help with tired and sore muscles, Calms the Central Nervous System.


Teas to drink to help with back related pain.
Ginger Tea
Turmeric Tea
Blackstrap molasses tea
White willow bark tea.

1. To make a poultice take a cup of water ,
Bring water to a hard boil then add about 4 oz. of dried herb and bring down to a low simmer and let reduce to 1/2 about 20-30 mins.
Remove pot from heat and let cool to a warm temperature Strain and press ( I use a simple potato ricer to press out all the concentrates
Take a 4×6 or 6×8 muslim bag and soak in pressed herb water
Fill the bag with the damp herbs and apply to effected area as needed .

Note: To keep the poultice bag warm throughout the day take the herb filled sack, re soak it in remaining herbal reduction(concentrate) and put it in a steamer for 5-10 minutes and reapply this will also act as a wet heat and will give better absorption warm temperatures are beneficial because they open up the pores system thus increasing absorption(s). 

2. Another way is to soak a large gauze pad not to soaked with the diluted essential oil or diluted essential oil blend and apply to effected area and wrap with an old but clean cotton shirt wrap gauze roll.



Salves, Balms & Liniments

Making a antispasmodic or anti inflammatory salve to will be beneficial,  watch and read  our salve making video and post here. and in addition to the lavender you can add other pure uncut essential oils such as ginger, cypress, peppermint clove, marjoram and to the same with a homemade liniment out of lard or coconut oil and add other pure uncut essential oils.and wrap well 2-3 times daily this will help with pain inflammation and any spasms.