Natural Solutions for the H7N9 Virus Just Updated!

The H7N9 Virus


Note also reference our post for Bee Pollen

“The Doc is right on the money” with Oil of Oregano and also others can use Oil of Thyme. With my level of experience in natural medicine I will back his statement up 100 percent!!!

Also, for the internal bleeding Cyan pepper tincture (1 drop)  in a a glass of warm water will stop the internal bleeding in those cases.
Refference to above statement:Dr. John Christopher, the famed natural herbalist, was persecuted
relentlessly by the government for his practice of herbal medicine all the while assisting patients in curing heart disease, cancer, tuberculosis, infertility, rheumatism, leukemia, and every other incurable under the sun. and while in the military as a corpsman. 
One of his greatest stories in his long career was how he could instantly stop a heart attack if he could get the patient to drink a glass of warm cayenne water. He said, “A teaspoon of cayenne should bring the patient out of the heart attack.” 
While this is not directly related to cayenne pepper and heart health, with internal hemorrhaging, if the patient can drink a glass of extra warm cayenne water, Dr. Christopher wrote, “…by the count of ten the bleeding will stop. Instead of all the pressure being centralized, it is equalized and the clotting becomes more rapid.”
Perhaps now you can see why cayenne pepper is regarded as a true “miracle herb.” With over 700,000 thousands Americans experiencing a stroke each year and almost half a million dying yearly of either heart disease or related issues, believe it not the cure is as close as your local health food establishment. How should you take cayenne? Ideally orally in a drink.
The cayenne pepper drink, when taken faithfully, will dramatically improve your heart health as well as your venous structure. Drink it with warm distilled water but if that is unavailable, purified water will substitute nicely. Start by mixing about a quarter of a teaspoon in a glass of warm water. Then, down the hatch. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

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Also note the following Procedure/Formula will Kill the Virus in no time: 
1 part Lemon Balm, a Calmative, Nervine, and Anti-Viral herb that will repairs the nerves from the stress from weakened immune system 
1 part Ginger Root, a potent antiviral herb 
1 part  Garlic, a powerhouse of an antiviral herb that will tie in as a base to knock out the first stage of the virus in tandem with lemon balm.
make a tea with this for 4-5 minutes(steeping time) then take a strainer and lin it with a coffee filter and then 1/8″ of cyan pepper and then take  the hot tea and strain it through the cyan.
Secondly, to replenish the nutritional values to all the organs and main systems we need to do the following 2 thing:
1. Make a Slippery Elm Gruel; 10 ounces ounces warm filtered or distilled water and add 3 teaspoons of organic slippery elm powder. ( this will replenish nutritional values to the organs as a BASE for the healing process to begin.
2. take 6 ounces of warm filtered water and 1/2 teaspoon of PURE RAW DOMESTIC Bee Pollen ( this will supply a full spectrum of b vitamins , Minerals and nutrient) to all the main systems particularly the Central Nervous System. Also read the above link specifically on bee pollen!
IMPORTANT NOTE: a Clean Water supply is Necessary get some distilled water or filter and boil the water you have.

Method #2 and reasoning:

A Powerful and Potent herb for the respiratory system would be:
 Licorice root. This will begin to the molecular restructuring structure of the Lungs walls, due to  a respiratory infection either bacterial or viral. This is a last step in the well ness process:
In simple terms: lets say you have determined you have a viral infection anywhere in your body. How was it incubated? Bateria e.g. if so you need both a herb that defeats specifically a bacteria e.g Echinacea is one herb and you need another herb that is resistant to viruses these herbs are know as anti-viral herbs, e.g. Ginger root, Garlic, Lemon Balm
this will begin the process to kill the infection(anti micriobibly) and resist any new mutation(s) in parallel. This is a lot for a herb or herbal formulation to do . So we need to assist the herb(s) effectiveness’ in its treatment(s) so we provide nutritional value through another natural source called “SUPER FOODS” read these posts to get a good understanding.
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And you will se the benefits of all the herbs, Superfood’s, Natural nutritional Supplementation’s that not only help but heal
and the Herbs, Supper foods, and NATURAL  Nutritional Supplementation’s are all a vital composition of the Truest health and wellness of the ENTIRE! HUMAN ANATOMY including Respiratory Circulatory,Central Nervous system and Skeletal/Muscular System