Natural Solutions For Kidney and Gaul Stones Shorty

Natural Solutions for Kidney and Gaul Stones:

Diuretic herbs to increase and or keep a constant and regular urine flow.

Hydrangea Root duretic and maintains urine flow.
Licorice root soothes inner walls of the kidneys and Gaul bladder and aids in healing of any scratch bruises or cuts from stones.
Dandelion diuretic and a purifier for the urinary duct also aids in the healing process of inner walls of kidneys and gaul bladder
Burdock Root  diuretic and heals
Golden Seal  has a natural antiseptic healing properties

1 oz. (shot glass full)Pure Raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar.

4 ounces Pure Lemon juice squeezed or PURE concentrate. ” NO OLIVE OIL”
Olive oil caused a soap stone effect when the lemon juice mix with olive oil and the effects look like stones bot only oxygenated effects of the citric acid and the olive oil combining and mixing.