Natural Solutions for Kidney infections

Natural Solutions and herbs  for kidney infections for adults
There are natural solutions for Kidney infections; first the person must detox the kidneys gallbladder slowly and gently Then supplying them both with nutrients and Vitamin C in a concentrated form 
Then, once this is achieve we need to begin to detox and then start the healing process of the abdominal organs internal walls while maintaining a healthy performance from all the lower abdominal organs.
Some steps one can take is to drink as much filtered or distilled water as possible then followed by 3 ounces of pure lime juice. Pure Lime juice will begin to detox the lower abdominal organs as well as dissolve any kidney and or gaul stones like lemon juice but Lime juice will in addition to the vitamin C levels and other vital healing detox/ enzymes with also help with natural energy level maintenance,.Once this is achieved and Kidneys and All lower abdomen organs are flushed /detoxed clean then it is time to detox the blood as well so that there are no reverse affects of toxins in the blood to recontaminate or potentially cause additional damage,this also must be done slowly and safely.A few good detox herbs for the blood are dandelion and burdock root. 
We must create a good foundation for the healing so a set of Cleansed abdominal organs and purified bloodline is a start for this. 
To begin the healing process OVERALL I suggest using licorice root for its amazing healing properties Particularly in this situation.

A few things you will need:

  • Burdock Root or dandelion tincture
  • Lime Juice
  • Licorice Root Tincture
  • Distilled or filtered water

Kidney Cleanse instructions:
Refrain from all dairy, sugar,alcohol, and caffeine while performing this cleanse
3 ounces of Lime juice daily followed by at least 12 ounces of filtered or distilled water for 3-5 days.
After the second day also take 6 drops of dandelion tincture in a glass of warm filtered or distilled water for 3 days to cleanse the blood.
The sixth day drink at least 2 10 ounce glasses of filters or distilled water twice that dat for a final flush. 
For the next 5 days take in hot water 5 drops of licorice root tincture once daily allow the hot water(not boiling ) to dissipate the alcohol tincture. Then let cool to a warm temperature This is if you can only find an alcohol based tincture.
You should be feeling better within 2-3 days while on the lime juice but don’t left that fool you because you only just started detoxing the toxins from your kidneys it is after the final flush and the completion of the licorice root tincture that the real healing takes place.